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  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10 Student Daily interested me bacause the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking.According to the advertisement,your position requires top university,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT4.0 and LINUX System.

  I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements.I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree.My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server.During my education,I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice.Not only have I passed CET-6,but more important I can communicate with others freely in English.

  My ability to write and speak English is out of question.I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require,please contact me.I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

  With many thanks,

  Wang Lin

英文求职信 篇2

Dear Sir:

  I am securing a job. Not any job with any company, but a par- ticular job with your company only.

  Your organization is more than just a business house. It is an institution in the minds of the local public. It has a reputation for fair play and honesty with both employees and customers alike.

  For the past four years, while specializing in international trade at college, I have had a secret ambition to work for your organization. I will graduate in July this year. As I write this letter, I do not know that there is an opening at present in your company. I am enclosing my qualifications which prompt me to make application now.

  I would be very happy to work under your supervision if it is possible. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Please send me an answer at your earliest convenience. Respectfully yours,

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Thank you very much for skimming my letter in your busy time. And I am very appreciate than your esteemed company would give me an opportunity.

  First please allow me to introduce myself. My English name is Cathy. I am the graduate student in Foreign College of Jingsu University of Science and Technology. I learn that your company is recruiting now. I am confident that four years of university study and the social practice can help me to apply for the position in your company.

  I have had a solid theoretical foundation because of the four years of English learning. The annual internship experience make me from theory to practice, although I have no formal work experience. However I am sure that I have a certain degree of understanding of the foreign trade posts and the translation work. And I believe that I have a strong learning ability, and Ican completely adapt to the new work in a short time.

  Under the teacher's strict teaching and my personal efforts, I have formed a solid foundation of professional knowledge, mastered the business English knowledge. At the the spare time I also actively read the professional knowledge of the relevant newspapers and magazines, understing the new economic situation, and initially have a good command of English basic communication and translation ability. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities and volunteer service activities, take part in the English speech contest, translation contest, English tongue twisters and English about the game, also involve in the strawberry Music Festival, better Xijin ferry and other large activities of the volunteer activities. These practice allow me to chece my knowledge, and also make me to have the strong ability of analysis and solving problems, and make me more confident and mature.

  Self-confidence and perseverance is my principle,and calm and optimism is the attitude of my way. I have the confidence and hope to get the opportunity to work in your company. Attach a brief resume. Thank you again for your concern for me. Look foraward to your reply.



英文求职信 篇4


  直入主题,解释你为什么写这封求职信并说清楚你感兴趣的职位头衔。还可以顺便提一下你是在哪儿获悉这份工作的,这些求职信的礼节是应该做的,让对方对你的信息有一个整体了解:"I am writing to express my interest in the Sales Manager position advertised on your Web site. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review."


  求职信的关键目的在于向你的雇主证明你是最佳人选,因此确定该职位的技能要求是重要的第一步。然后,罗列出experiences make me an ideal candidate for this position." 你以前与之相关的工作经历,并最后以类似这样的话总结:"I am confident that these combined




  永远记得你的任务是-推销自己!尽可能描绘你对胜任这份工作的信心与能力:"I strongly believe I possess the right combination of skills and experience you are looking for"

  说了这么多,最关键的一点就是要put yourself in the employer's shoes -- 假设你自己就是老板,从这个角度出发来进行最后的梳理与校对工作。你可以借助微软的语法检查工具先从头至尾检查一遍拼写和语法错误,英文求职信写法不妨试下。有可能的话,请你的知心好友帮你一起找找碴,总是有百益而无一害的。

英文求职信 篇5

Dear leaders:


  My name is the economic law of a tvu graduates.

  In school during the strict mentorship lessons and personal efforts, i have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, a systematic grasp of marketing and other related theories; familiar with the work of popular foreign etiquette; with good english listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other capabilities; be able to skillfully operate a computer office software. At the same time, my spare time to extensively studied under a large number of books, not only enriched his own, but also develop their own multi-faceted skills. More importantly, the rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude shaped me simple, stable and innovative traits.

  In addition, i also actively participate in various social activities, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own. University for four years, i deeply feel, with the best students to work to benefit me in the competition; to challenge the practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration.

  Grandparents have taught me hard work, responsibility, kindness, integrity; xxx university, has trained i am being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising style. I love your organization are engaged in the cause, eagerly look forward to your leadership, the building blocks for this glorious cause; and in practice, learning and progress.

  Believe me, believe your choice is right!

  Sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇6

  Dear leaders:


  ease allow me to apply for the position of office clerk which you advertised in "Yangcheng Evening News" of April 9.

  am 28 years of age and unmarried. After receiving my B.B.A. from Xiamen University, I worked for three years as an office clerk at China Great Wall Computer Group (Shenzhen) Company.

  r the last two years I have been a secretary to the General Manager of Haicheng Foodstuffs Company, Ltd. in Shenzhen. I am looking for a position of office clerk to increase my experience in business.

  have a wide knowledge of business and thoroughly experienced in all types of office work. Copies of my testimonials are enclosed, and if you are interested in my application, please give me an opportunity of a personal interview at your convenient date.

  With many thanks,

英文求职信 篇7

  Dear Sir,

  I would like to apply for the position of secretary which you advertised in JobsPower。com。 I have been handling most of the secretarial work at my present company for the past two years, and I feel that I can qualified to fill your position。

  I am enclosing a brief resume as you requested。 Please let me know if you want an interview。

  One reason that I would like to be employed with your firm is that you are dealing with import and export trade。 I would look forward to dealing with overseas companies and at the same time having a chance to use English more。

  Yours sincerely

英文求职信 篇8

Dear Sir,

  In reference to your advertisement in the for a playground director, I believe that I have the qualifications to fit your position.

  I hold a degree in Physical Education from the University of South Dakota. Along with my physical education courses,I also selected many courses in psychology and child management. During the summers, I worked as a volunteer playground director in several suburban areas surrounding the university.In the summer of 1983, I was an assistant in charge of organized sports for younger boys in Walton, south Dakota. The year after that,I was placed in charge of a large summer program for under privileged children in the large city of Millon, South Dakota. My supervisor during this time was William Johnson. He has consented to act as a reference for me.

  My additional experience includes working as a City Park Recreation Director in Rockford, South Dakota for the years of 1985 to the present time. In this position I am responsible for the programs in all the city park, including all organized recreation and night-time sports.

  If you feel that I am suited for the job that you have in mind, please inform me of the time convenient for an interview. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

  Sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇9

  April 13,20xx

  P.O. Box 36

  BIIT University

  Beijing,China 100000

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership? I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profi本文来源于tability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies.

  I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serve as manager for BIT Company‘s Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments include: Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor business performance Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database .

  My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


  Gu Bin

英文求职信 篇10

Dear Sir / Madam:


  I am a senior student of Beijing University, I am about to enter the community of the future is full of expectations, I believe "Wellbegunishalfdone", (a good beginning is half the battle). I hope your success is my starting point, I had the honor along with your company to create a brilliant tomorrow.

  I was born in the beautiful scenery of the border town - Riverside, 1997 I was admitted to the honors of Economics and Management School of Peking University, from opening a new chapter in my life. School class since I served as the group secretary, busy working not only to develop and exercise my ability to work, more exercise my ability to solve problems, so I can be calm when faced with the problem analysis, thoughtful, and all this for me professional choices have had a profound impact.

  I do their work, but also actively participate in the activities organized by the school and encourage students to participate, for their advice; in everyday life, I was able to closely unite students, I believe that the collective is a powerful force, only if we pull together in order to work well.

  Socialist modernization is needed is a comprehensive quality management personnel, so I have to learn professional knowledge, the main English and computer, in English, I am training to strengthen my listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; in computers, I start from the basics, to further understand the function OFFICE, INTERNET and also taught himself the basics, can be used flexibly. After the election, the professional, in order to broaden their knowledge, I also participated in the study of computerized accounting and master the basic applications and accounting software applications such as EXCEL. In order to make their own professional knowledge to mastery learning, I also studied the case of MBA-related materials, such as strategic management, corporate governance, financial management, capital operation, and apply it to their internship work.

  "Sea diving, day of His Career," I hope that your company can give me a chance to display their talent, I will work hard, study hard and expertise, the company live up to my expectations.




  xxx xx month xx day in










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