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英文求职信 篇1


  because i believe

  that my sales background fits me for the position you advertised in thursdays

  newspaper, i ask that you consider my qualification.

  my reason for

  wishing to make a change at this time is that there seems no opportunity for

  advancement in my present position, and i feel that my ability and training, as well

  as my interest in my work, should lead to advancement and a higher salary.

  i am happy to

  refer you upon your request people who can tell you of my work and my character.

  truly yours,

  letter 3

英文求职信 篇2


  In employers’ eyes, a job hunter’s resume is worth 30 points and the cover letter is worth 20 points. So writing good cover letters is almost as important as writing resumes.

  When you prepare to write a cover or application letter, you could refer to the following checklist.

  I. Attention(Opening Paragraph)

  A. Capture the reader’s attention in a businesslike way. Choose an option:

  1. Summary opening. Present your strongest, most relevant qualifications, with an explanation of how they can benefit the organization.

  2. Name opening. Mention the name of a person who is well known to the reader and who has suggested that you apply for the job.

  3. Source opening. When responding to a job ad, identify the publication in which the ad appeared, and briefly describe how you meet each requirement stated in the ad.

  4. Question opening. Pose an attention-getting question that shows you understand an organization’s problem, need, or goal and have a genuine desire to help solve or meet it.

  5. News opening. Cite a publicized organizational achievement, contemplated change, or new procedure or product; then link it to your desire to work for the organization.

  6. Personalized opening. Present one of your relevant interests, mention previous experience with the organization, or cite your present position or status as a means of leading up to a discussion of why you want to work for the organization.

  7. Creative opening. Demonstrate your flair and imagination with colorful phrasing, especially if the job requires these qualities.

  B. State that you are applying for a job, and identify the position or type of work you seek.

  II. Interest and Desire or Evidence of Qualifications (next several paragraphs )

  Present your key qualifications for the job, highlighting what is on your resume: job-related education and training; relevant work experience and related activities, interests, and qualities.

  A. Adopt a mature and businesslike tone.

  1. Eliminate boasting and exaggeration.

  2. Back up your claims of ability by citing specific achievements in educational and work settings or in outside activities.

  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of the organization and desire to join it by citing its operations or trends in the industry.

  B. Link your education, experience, and personal qualities to the job requirements.

  1. Relate aspects of your training or work experience to those of the target position.

  2. Outline your educational preparation for the job.

  3. Provide proof that you can learn quickly, are a hard worker, can handle responsibility, and / or get along well with others.

  4. Present ample evidence of the personal qualities and the work attitudes that are desirable for job performance.

  III. Action(closing paragraph)

  1. Request an interview at the reader’s convenience.

  2. State your phone number(with area code)and the best time to reach you, to make the interview request easy to comply with8), or mention a time when you will be calling to set up an interview.

  3. Express appreciation for an opportunity to have an interview.

  4. Repeat your strongest qualification, to help reinforce the claim that you have something to offer the organization.

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sir,I would like to inquire about the position of laboratory research assistant in the field of biochemistry that you advertised in JobsPower.com on July 10.

  I am twenty-eight years old. In 1996 I received my MSc in Boichemistry from ABC University. As a student I took many Chemistry and Biology courses such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry.

  As I was a graduate student, I worked as a research assistant for Dr. Wang Williams, Professor of Biochemistry, BBC California. During this time I assisted Dr. Wang in basic research concerning the genetic generation cycle in metabolism. I can supply you with a copy of the resulting paper at your request.

  Since my graduation I have been employed by MMC University as an assistant professor. I have continued my research in this time, and several of my papers have been published in Paris. My immediate superior, Dr. William Smiths, has indicated his willingness to provide me with a reference.

  I feel that I have sufficient education and experience in my background to fulfill the qualifications for your position. I hope that you will schedule me for an interview at your earliest convenience.

  That's all, Thank you.

英文求职信 篇4

  whether you're submitting a resume cold or responding to a job posting, always include a cover letter. yes, they're tedious to write, but a solid cover letter can make the difference between getting the job and getting nowhere.


  address the recruiter: start your letter with the date. skip two lines and write the recruiter's full name, preceded by mr. or ms. then, list the recruiter's title and the company name and address. if you don't know the recruiter's name, simply list the company name and address.


  say hello: two lines below the header, greet the recruiter with "dear mr." or "ms.", followed by his/her last name and a colon. don't use the first name, even if you've met the recruiter before; it's unprofessional to be immediately informal. if you don't know the recruiter's name, address the letter, "to whom it may concern."

  打招呼:信头写完空两行,即使你已经见过招聘员工,也要写上“dear mr.”或者“ms.”加上他或她的姓和一个冒号向他致意。一下子就变得很不正式会很不业专。如果你不知道招聘员工的名字,写上“给相关负责人”。

  introduce yourself: state your letter's purpose in the first paragraph. tell the recruiter which position you're applying for and why it interests you. briefly list your top qualifications. if you're responding to a job posting, mention where you saw it.


  sell yourself: the second paragraph is the most important: it's your sell. summarize your credentials, but don't reiterate your resume. list your most relevant accomplishments from previous jobs, internships or volunteer work. emphasize your qualifications for the job by highlighting applicable skills. if you're responding to an ad, you have an edge: you already know the job requirements. make sure you address them.


  flatter your reader: the third paragraph should clarify why you want to work at this particular company. explain why you and the company are a good fit. show the recruiter that you've done your research. mention a recent company event or express your interest in an aspect of the company that isn't widely known. remember, everyone loves flattery, but don't go over the top.


  follow-up: your final paragraph should be only a few sentences. thank the recruiter for reading your letter, then request an interview and provide your phone number. or, be proactive and state that you'll call in a week to follow-up. then do it.


英文求职信 篇5








  Dear Sir,

  In reply to your advertisement in today's newspaper regarding a vacancy in your office, I wish to apply for the position of senior clerk, which you have specified.

  I feel confident that I can meet your special requirements indicating that the candidate must have a high command of English, for I graduated from the English Language Department of _____ University three years ago.

  In addition to my study of English while in the University, I have worked for three years as secretary in the firm of

  ABC Trading Co. Ltd.

  The main reason for changing my employment is to gain more experience with a superior trading company like yours. I believe that my education and experience will prove useful for work in your office.

  I am enclosing my personal history, certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the University, I shall be obliged if you will give me a personal interview at your convenience.

  Very truly yours,

英文求职信 篇6

Dear Sir,

  I have seen your advertisement in the JobsPower。com for an accountant, and should be grateful if you would consider a short account of my character and capabilities。

  For the last two years I have been employed as a junior accountant by a firm of import and export merchants where the wide field of work to be covered has given me a good all-round knowledge of accounts。 To supplement my practical knowledge, I have taken an evening course in the Hong Kong Polytechnics。 I feel that you could safely entrust a set of books to my care。

  You will find enclosed a testimonial from the Head Professor of Hong Kong Polytechnics who has kindly offered to provide you with any further details you may require。

  I trust that you will consider this application favourably and I wish to assure you that I should make every effort to be worthy of the confidence you may place in me。

  Yours faithfully

英文求职信 篇7









  此致 敬礼!



英文求职信 篇8

  Dear Sir/Madam

  I would like to apply for the position of your company, advertised in “Wuhan Daily”. I feel I am well qualified for the position.

  In the year of 20xx, I won the first class scholarship in the university. I won the Excellent Student Prize. I have strong sense of responsibility, good spirit of teamwork. And I can learn new things well in short time. I am a friendly and enthusiastic person.

  I would be happy to attend an interview at any time convenient to you. In a word, I consider myself a most suitable applicant for the job. I hope to hear from you soon.

  A resume giving details of my qualifications and experience is attached.

  Yours sincerely

  Li Ming










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