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英文求职信 篇1

  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Senior Management

  Your advertisement for the above position as advertised in today's JobsPower.com caught my attention. I think my background and your requirements may be a good match. My resume is enclosed for your review.

  I have been working in various business sectors for the past 15 years, with 8 years in the senior management level. With this extensive experience, I adapt quickly to new environments. I have also managed many different personalities and nationalities. Here are some of my recent results: Opened and organized new division with responsibilities covering 300 employees. Increasing market share from 10% to 20% Increasing the annual profit from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000

  I am seeking a new challenge - one where my innovative and management talents can be applied. Your company seems to offer such a challenge, and my credentials match your requirements. I look forward to talking with you.

  Thank you for your consideration.

  Yours sincerely

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英文求职信 篇3

  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a. Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great deal.I hope to offer my service at you company because of my following qualifications;…


  b.In reply to your advertisement in yesterday Wuhan Evening Paper,I respectfully offer my service for the position.


  c. Your very attractive advertisement in yesterday Changjiang Daily seemde made to order for me…and me for the job.


  d.This morning China Daily carried your advertisement for a computer operator at a large company.


  e. Ability to organize marketing campaigns to supervise employees.


  f. Six valuable years of experience in the retail grocery business,with both a small privately ownde chain a large corporte chain.


  g.Direct first -hand knowledge of all phases of the business operation.


  h.I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in Changjiang Daily of October 18.


  i.Learning from Mr.Hong that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position.


  j.In answer to your advertisement in today Hubei Daily for a secretary,I wish tender my service. 贵公司在今天湖北日报上登载的招聘秘书的广告,我希望能得到这个职位。

  k.I would like to apply for the position of financial director you have advertised through the Personnel Market on Chezhan Road.


  (2)Explain the reasons for leaving your previous employment (说明你离开以前工作岗位的理由):

  a.My reason for leaving my present employment is that I want to obtain broader experience in trading.


  b.At present I have to leave my position as my presint employer have been forced to liquidate his business.


  c.I have to leave my present job because I have little change to be promoted.


  d.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is that I try to win another opportunity to better myself.


  e.On account of the discontimuance of business at the company,I left the office.


  f.I would like to do with your company where the work will be more diversifiedand on a higher creative level.


  h.My present job can not offer me much chance for me to tap my potential in the field of computer.But the job you advertised on the newspaper is what I have desired to apply for ,because it offers me ……


  i. There is no prospect of promotion where I am at present I would like something more challenging.


  (3)Express the demand for the starting salary (表示希望得到的.起始薪金)

  a.I hesitate to state a definite salary. But ,so long as you have requested me to do so, I should consider 1500 yuan a month satisfactory.


  b.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.


  c..Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet,I should consider 1000 yuan a month appropriate.


  d.I am willing to start with a smal salary.


  e.My present job pays 15000 yuan a year, in additon to health benefits bonuses.I am looking to start here at 1200 yuan or above that figure with periodic inceases b

  ased on performance on the job ,plus the usual benefits package. 我现在的工 作待遇除了健康保险和奖金外每年还有15000元薪金。我想在贵公司工作的起点为每月1200元或更高,然后按工作表现,定期增加工资当然还包括一般的福利待遇。

  f.I should require a commencing salary of 1000 yuan a month.

  我需要的薪金起点是每个月 1000元。

  (4)Express strong personal qualities(表达个人的特长)

  a.My resume shows my success in corrdination a busy schedule of collegiate studies,part-time jobs,and extracurricular a ctivitise. The presidency of the students union at the university provides evidence of the trait which you require for the growth of your company.


  b.I have received a good education learned taking notes in English shorthand.


  c.During my summer job with a joint venture in Tianjin,I gained a great deal of first -hand knowledge about foreign trade learned how to communicate with people of defferent interests backgrounds.


  d.My education has provided me with a broad background in the field of foreign trade sales promotion.


  e. As a result of my experience in these two programs mentioned above, not only have a basic understanding of managerial processes, but also understand the terminology viewpoint of professionals in data processing.


  f. This educational background plus my courses experience with computers certainly rquip me to be an asset to your financial management department.


  g. My fluency in English French is first-rate.


  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a. Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great

英文求职信 篇4

  I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for you and I enjoy doing so. I hope you'll agree that, in the two years I've worked for you, I've become an integral member of your team and accomplished a great deal. For example, in the last six months alone, I've [List of major accomplishments]

  However, I'm still working for the initial salary on which we agreed two years ago. As I recall, we also agreed to renegotiate my salary in two years based on my accomplishments, and that time has come. In light of my accomplishments and as per our agreement, I'm respectfully requesting an immediate pay rise of six percent, to be followed in six months by a performance-based pay rise of an additional three percent. I strongly feel that I've earned the immediate pay raise and I'm confident that I will also earn the six-month raise based on my performance. But I'm willing to negotiate, as per our agreement. If you would like to meet to discuss this, please let me know.

  Thanks again for the opportunity. I look forward to continuing to be a key player on your team in a mutually-rewarding relationship.

  I am presently looking for a position where my experience will make a positive contribution to the start-up or continuing profitable operation of a business in which I am so well experienced.

  I am an innovative achiever.I feel that in a growth industry like cable television,there is a need for a representative who can meet and beat the competition.I feel that I have all the necessary ingredients to contribute to the success of Any Corporation,and if necessary,I am willing to take a step backwards as long as theris potential for forward momentum.

  All I need is a starting point. Your advertisement in the June 16th issue of Lawyers Monthly is of great interest to me. I feel that I have the qualifications necessary to effectively handle the responsibilities of Administrative Judge.

  I recently took a sabbatical and finished my Bachelors Degree in June at Emerson College.I am currently seking full-time employment.

  After fifteen years as a District Sales Manager,I am seeking new opportunities and am forwarding my resume for your consideration.

  I am planning a permanent relocation to the Chicage area in late summer.I am submitting my resume fo rconsideration in areas where I can apply my experience and education in accounting towards reaching mutually benefical goals.

  I am desirous of apply this job in order to gain more experience in an exporter's office.

  Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning's China Daily News,I wish to apply for the position referred to.

  Learning form Mrs Liu that you are looking for a HR manager,I should like to apply for the position.

英文求职信 篇5

Dear xxxx:
  I am writing this letter to your company to recruit candidates of the # # # intern posts, I am pleased to know you in the recruitment site of recruitment advertisements, and have been expecting to have the opportunity to join your company.
  I am a **** undergraduate university students, professional is the automation, in the school system during the I accept the expertise of the training, such as the principle of automatic control, computer control theory, power drag, power electronics technology, College English courses. Of single-chip microcomputer control system, PLC control systems, embedded computer systems, field bus technology, control technology have been understanding and awareness of, and access to the laboratory during in-school, college teachers involved in a number of experimental projects, hands-on experience capacity strong. Familiar with c / c + + / visual basic / assembly language of MCS 51/avr are more familiar with (with the teachers to do the project two main single-chip system). The design, testing both the closed-loop control system awareness and understanding.
  I have a good standard of English in school during the smooth passage of the University of cet4 and cet6, obtain the certificate, have good command of English oral expression and writing ability to describe. University Vice-year college during the long term, with better organization and coordination, self-confidence to deal with a variety of emerging difficulties and challenges.
  I very much hope that your company can join and play to my potential. Enclosed herewith is my curriculum vitae. If the opportunity to interview with you, I would be very grateful.
  Add: Which well-wishers to help the translation into English, not the kind of translation translator, also most grateful!

英文求职信 篇6

  1. In reply to your advertisement in todays (newspaper), I respectfully offer my services for the situtation.


  2. Replying to your advertisement in todays issue of the (newspaper), I wish to apply for the position in your esteemed firm.


  3. With reference to your advertisement in (newspaper ) of May 2 for a clerk, I oofer myself for the post.


  4. Please consider me an applicant ofr the position which you advertised in (newspaper) of December 5


  5. In reply to your advertisement in todays (newsaper) for an account, I tender my services.


  6. I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in (newspaper) of July 22


  7. I wihs to apply for the position advertised in the enclosed clipping from the (newspaper) of November 12.


  8. Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this mornings newspaper, I wish to apply for the position referred to.


  9. In answer to your advertisement in todays newspaper fro a secretary, I wihs to tender my services.


  10. Learning from mr. S.P. Chen that you are looking for a sales manager, I should like to apply for the position.


  11. Your advertisement for a telephone operator in the newspaper of March 8 has interested me, I feel I can fill that position.


  12. I would like to apply for the post of male engineer as advertised in todays newspaper.


  13. On looking over todays newspaper my attention was attracted by your

  advertisement for a librarian. Now as I am desirous of obtaining such a position, I should like to apply for the same.


  14. Referring to your advertisement in the newspaper of June 30 for an assistant chemist, I hope to offer my services.



英文求职信 篇7

  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the Sunday paper for a sales manager in your company. Your company has a reputation for producing high-quality products like Mandolin network system. I am interested in joining such a professional organization.

  As you can see from the enclosed resume, my previous work in an export company has provided me with lots of opportunities to contact all kinds of customers and suppliers home and abroad. Across communicating with them, I have got very familiar with the international trade and the current market. Besides, my educational training at university concentrated also on international trade which equipped me with a solid foundation in sales and trade.

  As such, I believe that my service could be of great benefit to your company in terms of customer relation and new business connections.

  I hope to have an opportunity to meet your human resource manager in order to let you know more about me. I enclose a resume and could be available for an interview at your convenience. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

  Sincerely yours,J.S. Wu










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