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  dear mr liu

  application for the position of accounting manager

  in response to your advertisement in today's for the above position, i would like to submit my application for your consideration.

  during the past nine years, my experience has concentrated in the accounting industry with an accounting services firm. being an accounting manager for four years, i assisted in the development of a base reference library for 500 clients.

  as you will notice from my resume, i possess excellent oral and writing skills. i have trained four new supervisors through coaching sessions, communication meetings and technical skills sessions.

  i believe this background provides the management skills you require for this position. i look forward to your reply.

  yours sincerely

英文求职信 篇2

  Dear Sir,

  In response to your advertisement in the newspaper of January 15, I wish to apply for the position of (secretary, accountant, clerk, salesman, etc). I am twenty-five years old and a graduate of ____ college. My experience in this line of work includes six years as an assistant accountant with the ABC Company. The reason for leaving my present employment is because they are closing their office. I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and believe that they may be found satisfactory. With respect to salary, I shall expect HK$5,000 a month. I assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give your satisfaction.

  Very truly yours,


英文求职信 篇3

  distinguished leadership

  hello! when you open this page when you have opened the gateway to opportunity for me and the success of the first gate. thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter, and glad that they can participate in your hotel's current candidates.

  first, allow me to do a self-introduction, my name is xx, 18-year-old, known as the frontier from the south of ningxia. my interest and expertise include: favorite sports activities, love of natural science; like to read about science and social practice, class books, from books to continue to improve their scientific and cultural knowledge to improve the content of their training, to fight for the future work good foundation. either to individuals or the hotel will create proper value, i not only learned things on your own to the great work, but also down to earth every detail from the start, i use the hard-working hands achievements dream tomorrow .

  work experience in school: in school military training, served as deputy commander with four positions, and obtained the title of outstanding students, and several other class cadre positions as squad leader. had participated in secondary vocational schools in xi'an in XX skills competition, and achieved excellent results. in the spare time to work in a variety of small private restaurants, learned to communicate with people, an increase of life experience!


  (my motto in life: smiling face every day)

  i am optimistic enthusiasm, love of travel, energetic, earnest self-confidence is my biggest character, i am willing to start from the grassroots, the accumulation of experience, improve professional skills, become a real hotel people!

  the cover letter in which you will read on the occasion, a few words to tell you: i am a guy from the northwest, yellow earth gave me a strong body of the soul, cast out of my hard-working and persistence pull of the spirit. over the years their education and training also enabled me to adapt to the rapid development of society, bad for the heart hope after graduation effectiveness of your hotel, the hotel business for your contribution to the development of my talents. do not care about what i have made, please pay attention to my future!



  self-nominations were: xxx

英文求职信 篇4

  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Auditor

  I was very interested in the captioned position which was advertised in the JobsPower.com on Friday, April 27. I will graduate from XYZ University of Hong Kong in May with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy.

  As you can see from my resume, my experience includes working as a part-time accountant in the Any Company as well as a volunteer accountant in the KK Society. I was also the Chairman of Student Association last year, in which I gained excellent skills in leadership.

  I hope to hear from you soon, and be given the opportunity to present myself at an interview.

  Yours sincerely

  Steven Cheung

  Steven Cheung


英文求职信 篇5

  Dear Mr. Curtis:

  As an experienced computer programmer who is presently pursuing a master's degree in electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I am writing to request information about possible summer employment opportunities with HAL.I am interested in a position that will allow me to combine the talents I have developed in both computer programming and electrical engineering. However, as you can see from the attached resume, I have extensive experience in many related fields, and I always enjoy new challenges.

  I feel that it is important for me to maintain a practical, real-world perspective while developing my academic abilities. I am proud of the fact that I have financed my entire education through scholarships and summer jobs related to my field of study. This work experience has enhanced my appreciation for the education I am pursuing. I find that I learn as much from my summer jobs as I do from my academic studies. For example, during the summer of 1986, while working for IBM in Boca Raton, Florida, I gained a great deal of practical experience in the field of electronic circuit logic and driver design. When I returned to school in the fall and took Computer Hardware Design, I found that my experience with IBM had thoroughly prepared me for the subject.

  Having said all this, I realize that your first consideration in hiring an applicant must not be the potential educational experience HAL can provide, but the skills and services the applicant has to offer. I hope the experience and education described in my resume suggest how I might be of service to HAL.

  I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I might best assist HAL in fulfilling its present corporate needs. I will be available for employment from May 14 through August 31, 20xx. Please let me know what summer employment opportunities are available at HAL for someone with my education, experience, and interests. You can reach me at the above address or by phone at (518) 271-0000.

  Thank you for your consideration.

  Sincerely yours, Joan Doe





  我欢迎有机会与你讨论我最好帮助哈尔满足当前企业的需求。我将提供就业从5月14日到8月31日,20xx年。请让我知道夏季就业机会在哈尔有人与我的教育、经验和利益。你可以找到我在上述地址或电话(518)271 - 0000。







英文求职信 篇6

  The distinguished leadership of the company:

  Hello! I hope to become your company's Shenzhen branch project management engineer, can be competent application development engineer job, I am confident that meet your requirements.

  I am the Zhongshan University Department of computer science computer software professional XX session of the graduates. Facing career, your company is based on the computer based business, actively develop the vertical website group and broadband network services, its strategic plan, clear the good momentum of development deeply attracted me, I hope the company can give me a show of passion and wisdom of the stage.

  Project management is my specialty. And many students completed the course project cooperation experience, has been responsible for the project planning, decided to use the prototype or other model development, assign each task should be completed and the task completion time, the completion of the quality monitoring module and so on. Especially during the internship period, with asp+sql Server7.0 as the platform, I successfully completed the management and development of the electronic commerce system project, comprehensive project requirements not only can make a preliminary understanding of the network database, but also get more perceptual knowledge of the use of software engineering in the development, not only in theory how to improve the level of project planning, how to control the project progress and quality, how to coordinate the management ability of the planning team. Currently, I am MCSE for work, further improve yourself.

  I have a strong English professional reading ability, so that they can directly get the latest technical information, keep up with the pace of development of the times. I also actively participate in various activities and social practice, such as participating in the school community organization and planning, organization to participate in class activities, in the network company engaged in part-time job and so on, to open up their horizons and accumulated valuable experience, especially the cooperation and colleagues make their own benefit.

  In the graduation, I sincerely hope for your company to provide jobs, become the first-class enterprise information contribute to Lenovo, Lenovo and grow together! I am full of enthusiasm, looking forward to a talent work environment.

  With the letter with my resume. If the opportunity to interview with you, I appreciate it.

  Finally, I wish the cause of your company on the upgrade!












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