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英文求职信 篇1

  April 13,20xx

  P.O. Box 48

  Peking University

  Peking, China 100013

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Peking office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire a Network Maintenance Engineer for your program.

  Your position requires top university, Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows 20xx and LINUX System. I feel that I am

  competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Peking University this year with a M.S. degree. My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server.

  During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. Not only have I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with others freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question.

  The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


  Deng Yun

英文求职信 篇2

  Learning that your school in an orderly, well-managed in the community enjoy a high reputation. i am filled with a boundless enthusiasm for education of youth, eager to be able to work in such an environment, their own talent. allow me to own to tell us about you.

  xx i xx session of pre-university students in school during the hard hard work, not only in the outstanding achievements of the professionals, but also other psychology, english and other areas to expand their knowledge. four years, in the repair of more than 30 courses in the door, almost more than two-thirds of gifted, learning the psychology of all professional courses, the psychology has reached the professional level. in addition, i also trained hard under the basic skills classes, have stronger language skills, organization and management of scientific research capacity and ability to use modern teaching methods for teaching and learning. normal practice in changchun, the fully reflects the higher overall quality of their own, the practice of recognized units.

  I am solid self-confidence in their own professional knowledge, rich in psychological knowledge, organization and management of high capacity and teaching ability, competence and good will certainly be able to complete your work to me, please your school gave me a chance.








英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Hotel Manager

  I write to apply for the above position you advertised in the JobsPower。com on January 4。

  My accomplishments, which I have gained from working in a prestigious hotel for more than ten years, reflect a proven ability to perform in diverse and varied functions of the hospitality industry。 I have had extensive experience in front desk services, guest relation, as well as sales and marketing during the past ten years。 In these capacities, my responsibilities encompass all operation aspects of the room division, such as housekeeping, maintenance, reservations, quality control, and communications。

  I enjoy working at my current hotel, but the position of Hotel Manager seems to offer the ideal next step, and an opportunity to apply my professional skills and experience to a new organization。

  Thank you in advance for your generous consideration。 I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you my ability to fulfill your requirements。 I look forward to meeting you。

  Yours sincerely

  Steven Cheung


英文求职信 篇4

dear leaders:

  hello! first of all thank you for taking the time to read me the cover letter.

  i hu over the XX session of vocational and technical schools, professional secretarial fresh students, in july XX will face graduated, the following is my basic situation.

  i chose this school is in the form of work-study, in such an

  environment, both in knowledge and ability, personal qualities or accomplishments, i have benefited greatly. three years, the teacher's strict teachings and personal efforts, i have a solid foundation of professional knowledge; in learning to master a certain amount of my professional knowledge, familiar with foreign affairs common

  etiquette, proficiency in operating a computer office software, 3ds max flash photoshop and so on. at the same time, in my spare time involved extensive measures of the large number of books, not only to enrich themselves, but also to develop their abilities in various, more importantly, rigorous study and correct learning attitude shaped my simple, stable personality characteristics.

  i have a half years of working experience in the united states, sony internship, there are certain social practices, through the year and a half of work i learned a lot, but also to develop my perseverance and hard work spirit, enhance their sense of responsibility, communication skills and ability to learn, cultivate a spirit of

  solidarity, so that i can continue to work to overcome difficulties. i want my energy to get your loyalty and recognition, i am more rich social experience and helpful personality can get you to enjoy!

  i look forward to your flying the sky, i will use my sweat to prove your wise choice!

英文求职信 篇5

  With the further deepening of Chinas reform and opening up, the employment of university graduates as a social and economic development an important part, has been gradually adjusted to achieve under the laws of supply and demand in the market, supply and demand sides of each choice. In the "two-way selection" process, most employers for interviews is based on reading the written information reflects the situation of graduates, for them, these written materials and evaluation is to determine the academic performance of graduates, based on the potential of work . Undoubtedly, the development ofpelling and can attract the attention of the written information the reader is the first step to win thepetition.

  Written information including school recommendation forms, resumes, written submissions, transcripts and various certificates (including the award certificate and certificate of skill level), published articles, papers, and other achievements.

  First, the students fill out the form recommended

  Graduate school recommendation form is sent along with the school graduatesplete a written opinion of the recommended form. One of the table and recommendations are part of theprehensive assessment by the counselor to understand the overall situation graduatespleted, and is the organization responsible for the hungry in the form recommended to the employers, the employers have greater authority and reliability, so large part of employers to the table other written information as proof that the employer has always been to the table as the main basis for graduates to receive.

  Graduate school recommendation form is printed uniformlthe form, students can not use aputer instead of hand-written print, nor can a beautiful layout to attract peoples attention. Calligraphy vulnerable to recruitment by the merits of first impression, clear, clean, neat handwriting will make recruiters think there is a sense of responsibility, work ability, rigorous work attitude impression, spelling or grammatical errors will cause doubt your abilities.

  Graduates recommended for all table columns to varschool focus, with the deepening reform of employment of graduates and the "two-way choice," the growing maturity of graduates each year in the table columns are also recommended improvements, but generally include individuals basic information, education, awards, as social work, personal interests and specialties, and self-evaluation.

英文求职信 篇6

  dear mr ho

  application for the position of legal officer.

  in response to your advertisement for the above position in the jobspower.com on january 5, i am sending my resume for your consideration.

  i have worked for two big law firms for five years and then become a consultant for over a year. my responsibilities include drafting, reviewing and following contracts, as well as handling legal activities and company secretarial documents. i believe that these experiences would make me succeed in this position.

  being responsible, independent and able to work under pressure, i believe that i will have a very positive impact on your firm. i look forward to your favourable reply. thank you very much.

  yours sincerely










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