2021-06-28 英文求职信


英文求职信 篇1

  Dear Mr. Director,

  I have learned from the newspaper that you are employing an administrative secretary. I am very much interested in this position.

  I have worked as an administrative secretary for a chemicalpany in Shanghai for three years, so I have some understanding of the chemical industry. I graduated from the East China University of Technology with a bachelor degree. I am fluent in both spoken and written English, having obtained CET-4 and CET-6 certificates. In addition, I have strongputer skills.

  Enclosed please find my resume.

  I am looking forward to your reply.

  Yours sincerely,

英文求职信 篇2

  xx manager:

  i xxx daily on the advertisement, that your intention to recruit a manager secretary, wrote a special venture candidates.two months later, i am from the hotel property management

  business school graduate. height 1.65cm, dignified appearance, good temperament. in school, i systematically studied the introduction of modern management, social psychology, hotel management studies, hotel financial accounting, hotel management, hotel and catering management, the lobby of the hotel management, hotel marketing, hotel property

  management, property management, residential area property management, application writing, etiquette school, professional courses in

  technology department of the hotel property management 510,507contact tel: 13911111111


  job seekers were: xxx

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Mr. lroutsman:

  Enclosed is my resume outlining more than 15 years extensive experience in corporate telecommunications. In summary, my credentials include:

  -broad experience in international computer networking

  -design and implementation of voice, data and LAN systems

  -in-depth experience with telecommunications and information processing technologies

  -interpersonal skills for interfacing well with all levels of management

  I would like to put this expertise to work in a senior telecommunications management and/or internal consulting position.

  Although I am concentrating my search in the greater New York City area, I would consider other locations for the right opportunity.

  If you are currently searching for someone with my credentials, I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss I how might help you to solve some of your more difficult telecommunications problems. Thank you for your consideration.


  Wilma A. Davidson (手写体)

  Wilma A. Davidson


英文求职信 篇4

Dear leader,

  A: hello!

  I am a fresh graduate of XX university English major. After four years of college education and college life, facing new opportunities and challenges, I have been more committed to the life creed of "self-confidence, self-reliance, diligence and modesty".

  XX foreign language university is a famous English language training base in China, and is famous for its rigorous scholarship and good education. Under such learning environment, I truly realized the fun of learning English and determined to be a people's teacher education career to devote himself to English, both in the intellectual capacity, or in terms of quality accomplishment, I benefit a lot.

  "Learning to be a teacher, being a teacher" is a warning I have always remembered. In this way, I have worked hard in my four years in college to constantly enrich myself and adjust myself. During the school period, I started from the characteristics of English major, and strictly required myself in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. The subjects achieved good results. In the second year, I passed the professional cet-4 exam with good results. In the third year, I passed the band 6 exam with good grades. Now I am actively preparing for the national English major test.

  At the same time, I have learned a lot of extracurricular knowledge, read the original works, newspapers and magazines, and frequently participated in the academic reporting activities of the departments, extending the breadth and depth of knowledge. Good command of English business letter and timely translation of all kinds of daily documents, fluent communication in English. In the second foreign language French also has a certain listening ability. Proficient in office software and Windows operating system, proficient in various documents. Besides, I also participated in various English major related training and teacher certification training organized by the school. He won four scholarships in four years.

  I am cheerful, optimistic, confident, steady, humorous, sincere and practical, people warm, sincere. Work conscientiously, actively, can bear hardships and stand hard work. With strong organizational skills, practical ability and teamwork spirit, I can quickly adapt to various environments and integrate them. At school, I have a good relationship with my classmates. In all kinds of social practice activities, such as tutor, sales and promotion of various enterprises and institutions, I have established good interpersonal relations with my colleagues. These social practice work make me have a keen insight, independent thinking, judgment, determination of style and team cooperation spirit, the most important is learned the way of life. My solid professional skills and accumulated social experience have made me confident that I can do the work required by your university.

  My knowledge, courage and insight expect your appreciation! My heart, love and confidence will also help you to achieve great ambition!

  I wish you a pleasant job!

  Applicant: XXX

  20 xx xx xx day

英文求职信 篇5

Dear sir:

  Four years as a senior clerk in sales department of the New World Products Company have,I believe,given me the experience to qualify for the job you advertised in Thursday's newaper.

  Since 98 I have been reonsible for all office details in the administration of sales,including writing much of the correondence.In the course of my work,I have become familiar with the various sales territories,and have also in my are time experience of handling business problems other than my proper here.

  The years before I was employed at the New World,I was a secretary for Long Brother,an accounting firm.There I became familiar with accounting terms and procedures.I was graduated at Wah Yan College, in June 974. I am twenty-five years of age and single.

  I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope. My present employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.May I see you at your office to tell you more about myself and show you just how well I can do the work you require.

  Yours faithfully

英文求职信 篇6

Distinguished leadership:

  Hello, first of all, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading my application letter to apply for a job, for a full of enthusiasm university student opens a door of hope. Today and for your guidance.

  I am the pingdingshan industry professional technology institute 02 a recent graduate of electrical system. Today, I was with a calm and the excited mood to present the letter of self recommendation. Are calm, my knowledge and ability will not let you down, you will be worthy to produce any authority of the recommendation to get professional for me, also could not get loads of award certificate for my chips, but only by the result of more than ten years hard work and yourself to bear hardships and stand hard work of nature as the cornerstone of the I.

  I am very lucky to grow in a competitive and challenges and opportunities coexist and development of the s, in the future, I am full of hope, and are eager to find the fulcrum of life, to hold up a piece of blue sky. Since entering university, I am deeply aware of the fierce social competition and cruelty, especially a college graduate. As a result, over the past few years I study hard professional knowledge, starting from the basic knowledge of each course, hard to master the basic skills, deep drilling fine grind, seek its inherent law, and achieved good results. In order to adapt to the need of The Times, a qualified technical personnel, should be complete, professional knowledge and practice, and designed and dhi, passion and composed of both, the people of cultivation of morality and health, through three years, I always believe that life as the sword of iron casting, hone and wait. Over the past three years, I don't dare to slack, hold and cherish each developing their own opportunities. "Ask canal which had so much to have a source to", I often wished that oneself, do not give up speaking out of turn, steadfastly, one step at a time to close to the target, through the study period of uneven road.

  Looking back at the end of the university of time, from an ignorant child to cross-century talents of all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, condensed the meantime I struggle and glory, happiness and bitterness of failure. But achievement belongs to the past, also need to see the success in the future, I will continue my relay, relentlessly. "Device will try and know its or failure, will ride a horse, and then is known by its good if".

  Enclosed personal resume, look forward to hearing from you!







  我很幸运能生长在一个充满竞争和挑战,机遇与发展并存的年代, 对未来,我充满憧憬,并渴望找到人生的支点,去撑起一片湛蓝的天空。自从进入大学以来,我就深深地意识到社会竞争的激烈和残酷性,特别是一名大专毕业生。因此,几年来我努力学习专业知识,从各门课程的基础知识出发,努力掌握其基本技能技巧,深钻细研,寻求其内在规律,并取得了良好的成绩。为适应时代的需要,一个合格的技术人才,应该是专业知识与实践齐备,博与专并济,激情与沉稳兼有,道德和健康双修的人,寒暑三载,我始终坚信生命如执铁铸剑,磨砺以待。三年来,我不敢懈怠,把握和珍惜每一个发展自己的机会。“问渠哪得清如许,为有源头活水来”,我常以此勉励自己,不轻言放弃,踏踏实实,一步一个脚印去接近设定的目标,走过了一段不平坦的求学道路。





英文求职信 篇7

  The distinguished leadership of the company:

  Hello! I hope to become your company's Shenzhen branch project management engineer, can be competent application development engineer job, I am confident that meet your requirements.

  I am the Zhongshan University Department of computer science computer software professional XX session of the graduates. Facing career, your company is based on the computer based business, actively develop the vertical website group and broadband network services, its strategic plan, clear the good momentum of development deeply attracted me, I hope the company can give me a show of passion and wisdom of the stage.

  Project management is my specialty. And many students completed the course project cooperation experience, has been responsible for the project planning, decided to use the prototype or other model development, assign each task should be completed and the task completion time, the completion of the quality monitoring module and so on. Especially during the internship period, with asp+sql Server7.0 as the platform, I successfully completed the management and development of the electronic commerce system project, comprehensive project requirements not only can make a preliminary understanding of the network database, but also get more perceptual knowledge of the use of software engineering in the development, not only in theory how to improve the level of project planning, how to control the project progress and quality, how to coordinate the management ability of the planning team. Currently, I am MCSE for work, further improve yourself.

  I have a strong English professional reading ability, so that they can directly get the latest technical information, keep up with the pace of development of the times. I also actively participate in various activities and social practice, such as participating in the school community organization and planning, organization to participate in class activities, in the network company engaged in part-time job and so on, to open up their horizons and accumulated valuable experience, especially the cooperation and colleagues make their own benefit.

  In the graduation, I sincerely hope for your company to provide jobs, become the first-class enterprise information contribute to Lenovo, Lenovo and grow together! I am full of enthusiasm, looking forward to a talent work environment.

  With the letter with my resume. If the opportunity to interview with you, I appreciate it.

  Finally, I wish the cause of your company on the upgrade!



英文求职信 篇8


  april 6,XX

  p.o.box 3

  xx university

  beijing,china 100000

  dear sir/madame,

  your advertisement for a network maintenance engineer in the april 10student daily interested me because the position that you de- scribed sounds exactly like the kind of job i am seeking.

  according to the advertisement,your position requires a good university degree,bachelor or above in computer science or equivalent field and proficient in windows nt 4.0and linux system.i feel that i am competent to meet the requirements.i will be graduating from xx university this year with a msc.my studies have included courses in computer control and management and i designed a control simulation system developed with microsoft visual and sql server.

  during my education,i have grasped the principles of my major subject area and gained practical skills.not only have i passed cet - 6,but more importantly i can communicate fluently in english.my ability to write and speak english is a good standard.

  i would welcome an opportunity to attend you for an interview.

  enclosed is my resume and if there is any additional information you require,please contact me.

  yours faithfully,

  wan long


英文求职信 篇9

  1) 我看到了8月6日贵公司在《今日北京》上的招聘广告,于是写信……

  I am writing in response to your advertisement in Beijing Today of August 6...

  2) 我对你们招聘销售经理的广告很感兴趣,所以……Your advertised position of sales manager interests me...

  3) 相信我是你们招聘职位的合适人选,因为……

  I think I am the right person for the job you advertised, because...

  4) 我想申请 …… 这个空缺职位。

  5) 如果您能给我参加面试的机会,我将不胜感谢。

  Should you grant me a personal interview, I would be I would like to apply for the vacancy of... most grateful.

  6) 谢谢您考虑我的申请,期待着您的回复。

  Thanks for considering my application and I am looking forward to your reply.

  7) 我想申请 …… 这个空缺职位。

  I would liketo apply for the vacancy of...

  8) 如果您能给我参加面试的机会,我将不胜感谢。

  Should you grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful.

  9) 谢谢您考虑我的申请,期待着您的.回复。

  Thanks for considering my application and I am looking forward to your reply.

英文求职信 篇10

  university major in computer science, three years of part-time work in a computer software company.


  educational background in business administration with major in secretarial science and two summers of full-time ork experience.working knowledge of all common office machines.


  four years of experience in marketing,in addition to a bachelor‘s degree in management with major in marketing.like to be challenged with a responsible job.


  abillty to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees. effective communication abillities and public relations skills.


  three years of successful job experience ranging from sales responsibilities to management of marketing department. adaptable,versatile,industrious.


  special training in accounting at guangdong college of commerce and three years of practical experience in accounting environment.enjoy working with people. responsible and reliable.


  work experience in personnel affairs in a foreign capital enterprise coupled with educdtional background specialized in personnel management.maintain good human relations.


  five years‘working experience in teaching english at a middle school coupled with educational background specialized in english instruction at guangzhou teachers‘college. ability to listen and sensitivity to the needs of students.


  good university education with english as my major combined with practical experience in translating business documents.worked as an interpreter in australia for a chinese investigation group for three months.











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