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  Dear Sir,

  In reply to your advertisement in Beijing Youth Daily of December 25, I respectfully offer my services for the situation.

  I am thirty-two years old and a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University, My experience in this line of work includes five years as a salesman with the NCC Company. The reason for leaving my present employment is because they're closing their office.

  I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and I believe that they may be found satisfactory. As regards salary, I would be glad to start with HK$ 5,000 per month plus commission.

  If you would like to know more about my ability, I can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

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Dear sir,

  I would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in sales that you advertised in jobspower.com.

  I graduated from the college of business in june of 1986. since that time i have been taking night courses at polytechnics in sales techniques and mass media advertising.

  I have worked as a vehicle salesman for the ford co. for the past three years. at present i am their chief salesman and account for over one half of the sales. before my present employment, i worked for the chains deparment store as a salesclerk in the electrical appliance section. we worked mainly on commission and i was able to earn a substantial amount although i was very young.

  I would like to make a change now because i feel that i can go no further in my present job, i feel that my ability and my training should enable me to advance into a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forth-coming at my present position.

  If you would like to know more about my ability, i can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

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  I am a recent graduate of the humanities and social sciences department of Beijing information science and technology university, majoring in administration.I hope this cover letter will help you

  The company has found a young man, a great man, four years of college, I have paid great attention to the cultivation of self-learning ability.I have successfully passed cet-4 and computer 2.I pay attention to the study of basic course and the cultivation of ability.During the school, I took the time to study hard and finished basic theory courses with excellent grades.In the past few years, I have cultivated my comprehensive ability, especially the computer, although this is not my major, but it can exercise my practical ability.At the same time, I also pay attention to participating in various social practice activities, such as promotion work, which has improved my practical ability to a certain extent.Spare time at the university of junior summer and winter vacations and internship opportunities to participate in two or three times, also experienced difficulties in work, learn the methods to overcome the difficulty, I think in a certain extent, have the ability to learn, out of the school, I try to catch every opportunity to exercise, get along with people of different levels, close contact with society, feel the life, taste life to study at the university of life made me realise the truth of life.After four years of unremitting efforts, I have basically achieved my goal of all-round development, which has laid a solid foundation for my future development.

  "Learn to work at work and learn in learning."I have fallen over and over again, but again and again I stood up and continued

  Forward, for optimism, persistence, struggle is my beacon.I have led every vigorous group again and again. I have overcome many difficulties and achieved one after another.The teacher's approval, the praise of the students has given us a more enthusiastic commitment to new challenges, to the higher target impact.

  Because they dare to take risks, and taste the fruits of success;Because of the exploration of adventure, also experienced the shock and desolation of the rocks.But the

  I have been trained as a business person in my daily work, and I face life with a positive and optimistic attitude.I am honest and honest, I can get along well with people and make progress together.I have a wide range of interests and activities, such as swimming, playing badminton, etc., and I have made friends with different personalities, and I have strengthened my will.

  My past is the preparation for your company's development, and it is my future that is striving for your company

  Offer!In the upcoming on social position, and I look to the sincerity and enthusiasm to join your company, taste the charm of your corporate culture, a writer's military strategy, CaiFu talents and quality work for you

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  Dear Sir,

  Four years as a senior clerk in sales department of the New World Products Company have, I believe, given me the experience to qualify for the job you advertised in JobsPower.com.

  Since 1981 I have been responsible for all office details in the administration of sales, including writing much of the correspondence. In the course of my work, I have become familiar with the various sales territories, and have also in my spare time experience of handing business problems other than my proper sphere.

  The years before I was employed at the New World, I was a secretary for Long Brother, an accounting firm. There I become familiar with accounting terms and procedures.

  I was graduated at Wah Yan College, in June 1974. I am twenty-five years of age and single.

  I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope. My present employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.

  May I see you at your office to tell you more about myself and show you just how well I can do the work you require.

  Yours faithfully

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  dear sir or madam,

  I learned from that your company is offering a positing for a secretary,and it’s a great pleasure for me to write to explore the possibility of seeking the job.

  I graduated two years ago from ,and obtained degree in the field of business management.During my stay in the university my major course included macro-economic,business communication skills,marketing and computer applications.I was especially fond of the coumnication skills which enabled me to dead with people and things around well.

  Upon graduation I engaged with as an assistant to the head of Department. My responsibilities consisted of carrying out market surveys,writing reports and organizing meetings within the department.This two-year experience has helped me a lot in many ways.In particular, I become increasingly aware of the importance of co-ordination and co-operation among coworkers. I also believe that the experience will qualify me for the current vacancy in your company.

  I passed both CET-4 and CET-6 with high marks. my spoken English is also fulent enough to organize meetings in English.And my former boss was a native English speaker.

  I enclose here in my resume and some relevant documents as required.And if you need any further information on me,I also refer you to Mr., my ex-colleague, who is available at -.

  I appreciate your sincere consideration of me, and am looking forward to an early interview with you.


英文求职信 篇7

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership?

  I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profitability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies.

  I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serve as manager for BIT Company's Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments include:

  Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor business performance Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database

  My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


  Gu Bin

















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