2021-08-03 英文求职信



Dear leaders:


  Thank you very open to this page, give me the opportunity to provide this valuable.

  My name is xx, is the University of North Campus Electrical Engineering Materials Forming and Control Engineering. I come from Lanzhou, Gansu, from an early age in the harsh environment, is not afraid of hard training is not afraid of a tired, calm spirit. At the university during the school excellent, melt in my four years, my thoughts, knowledge structures and mental growth has been rapid.

  Four years in college learning and life, I have tried to develop their own ability to actually do with a basic knowledge of a full range of universities, professional theoretical knowledge and basic knowledge of thermal processing machinery. To become familiar with the metal material processing, machining technology and processes of basic knowledge. Proficiency in the Pro / E, AutoCAD, and basic operation of office software. I also deeply appreciate that learning is only the professional knowledge is not enough, so I read all the books, which greatly enriched my knowledge and broaden their horizon.

  Four years of study and practical experience, I in every respect to the development and progress by leaps and bounds, I am confident and competent materials processing, machine building and other areas of production, scientific research work. Of course, I still lack some experience, some aspects are not yet ripe, but I will address the shortcomings of their own and with their modest, pragmatic, to be made up. Give me a chance, I will dutifully give you a satisfactory answer hand.

  Thank you for your Hui head!



  Job seekers were: xx

  20 xx on xx date in xx






  在学校学习,基本理论知识,或实际操作技能,我把优秀的结果。在学校除了学习,我还积极参加社会实践活动。曾经在XX学院参加“三下乡”社会实践活动。被授予“优秀积极分子”XX 5月到10月曾去法国学习西方饮食文化和法国的高星级酒店实践,这样我能掌握更多的西餐服务的标准和系统。能使用流利的法语和客人沟通。



  bao name

  room xxx, buildingxxx, qinxi, zijingang campus, zhejiang university 310058 010-8xxxxxxx 13xxxxxxx


  sep.20xx –present zhejiang university school of international studies main courses: intensive reading, listening comprehension, oral english, advanced writing, c-e, e-c translation, c-e, e-c interpretation. optical courses: international law, economic law, civil law sep.20xx – mar.20xx member of the youths’ comprehensive development society took part in the consulting meeting to promote the plan of comprehensive development for university students, answering questions

  hosted promotions for the plan of comprehensive development for university students, getting the freshmen in the school of economy and the school of medicine know the plan did test work for the re-building of the web site youth’s comprehensive development may.

  20xx – presentgoverness taught several middle school students english at the weekend and in the summer holiday successfully helped some students improve their english, got trust from their parents aug.

  20xxeditor of voice of drill, the magazine of the university during the drill collected and edited articles contributed to voice of drill aug.

  20xxenglish teaching practice in wenchan high school in hangzhou apr.

  20xxenglish teaching practice in zhejiang university for non-english majors interacted with instructors to learn teaching skills, wrote summary reports made preparation for the classes (searching relevant pictures, audios, texts, making ppt), got familiar with the teaching facility gave classes, got praise from the instructors, as “being calm and relaxed, having good time management skills and good preparation”. scholarships & honors

  20xx-20xx outstanding student in academy, morality at zhejiang university20xx-20xx the third prize scholarship (awarded to top 20% students)

  20xx.12the third prize in the drama match between dormitories during the 17th international culture festival of zhejiang university tem 4 (test for english majors, grade 4): 78 bet6 (college english test band 6): 601 master the use of ms word, excel and powerpoint ? psychology, poem-reciting, newspaper collecting


Dear sir/madam:

  on my graduation from college next fall, i am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, i thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.

  i am strong and alert, and shall be twenty-three years of age in july next year. at present i am a student in the college of – but i shall graduate from the college this coming july, finishing the requirements in four years, i have had no business experience, but my college record has been good. my studies have included courses in computer control , foreign languages including german,and foreign trade.during my spare time i readed many maganizes and newspapers about trade.so, i dare to say that i am very good at multinational trading.

  i would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me.i would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

  very truly yours

  lin xxx


Dear Sir / Madam:


  Thank you for taking the time to visit me this introductory letter, to a graduating university students an opportunity, in the time I expressed deep gratitude!

  First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is way xx, is the 20xx session of the South China University of Foreign Trade English graduates, learn your organization recruit more capable personnel, but to my screen name, sincere desire to join, as your organization future building blocks, more ready to contribute their own labor and wisdom.

  Bing Zhao thirst for knowledge, persistence in learning English in school during which I seriously learn the knowledge, and adopted the CET examination through the National Examinations in

  Computer II. Organizational members in the class post office, organized a class outing body, in class activities such as fun games, of course, these are small things, but the opportunities to develop my organizational skills and good coordination. I actively participated in extracurricular school activities, has represented the professional in the knowledge I gained the first prize competition, and I also participate in social practice, had done in school tutoring during the post also served as a steward at the Internet cafe post, also Noah made electronic dictionary market research, social practice through which I learned a lot less than the knowledge learned in the classroom, the community has some knowledge and understanding. 07 summer students working for a company in Shenzhen, on the running and operation of foreign things with personal experience, I think this is the most valuable experience. I usually hobbies, favorite music, sports, playing guitar, at school also took part on behalf of my professional football. Meanwhile, the military and political rather concerned, often bought on the military and political aspects of reading newspapers and magazines, and consumer electronics products in today’s world there is a certain concern. With youthful enthusiasm and desire to know, I am about to finish the four-year journey seeking knowledge, a better university life, cultivate my strict scientific way of thinking. I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and the pioneering spirit of innovation. Inside and outside the classroom social practice, a solid foundation of knowledge and broad vision, made me a better understanding of the community; to develop a continuous learning work, rigorous, pragmatic work style and excellent quality of unity and coordination, so I am sure they are completely able to positions in setting, dedication, more business! Music eye and began my trip to Trinidad. Force of the wind strength of the grass, the Long Run. Ancient houses, this point will have horses. Peter remains to be willing to take you to you “use” to prove.










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