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大学英文求职信 篇1

  dear sir / miss:

  hello! xx i am in college, majored in international economics and trade, in july next year i will graduate and economic degree. recently informed of your company are currently recruiting talent, i am confident i have learned in the university's knowledge to be able to help with my job xx candidates.

  i have good basic computer knowledge and ability in the moment has passed on ncre assessment. are now able to carry out skilled operation windowsxp.

  i have good command of english, from freshman to junior teachers have specialized instruction. in his sophomore year when the country has been through 4 and 6 in english, results were 523 and 499. in the third year, participants and achieved 5.5 ielts results.

  period at the university, often with many second prize and third prize of scholarship and the "three outstanding students," the title. students could live in harmony, actively cooperate with the work of班委. have a good team spirit: once with the group plans to mock the establishment of a company's overall financial reporting.

  i very much hope that your company can work, i can play. enclosed herewith is my curriculum vitae. if the opportunity to interview with you, i would be very grateful!



大学英文求职信 篇2

  Respected leaders:

  Work hard!

  Thank you very much for your time to read my mail.

  I am XX University XX a professional graduates. In school, I do goods life sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the helplessness of life, the reality of life, I know, only hard work can get harvest, I understand, opportunity and struggle are indispensable, God helps those who help themselves, I would like to give my struggle into the pump air wings to fly, the wind to fly until the day. Solidarity, unremittingly, beyond the self, which is my belief.

  In the University, I have been to challenge themselves, to sharpen life, lofty towers begin from the ground, a solid system foundation of knowledge will be the best foundation. Each a sweat has its source, every note has the deep memory.

  On the XX professional, I have mastered the basic skills to master all sorts, from understanding to the application, from the master to the creation of life, let the youth with passion, let fly.

  For your company, I have been favored for a long time, it is a youth.

  Once again to express our heartfelt thanks to you for this review, eager to get your company is further inquiries.

  Yours sincerely


大学英文求职信 篇3

  Respect leadersh×p:


  Thank you for read×ng th×s letter, please allow me to offer one's own serv×ces.

  My name ×s * *, study×ng at the We×fang College of econom×cs and trade, ×nternat×onal f×nanc×al graduates, r×gorous, pragmat×c, truth-seek×ng, hard work ×s my study and work style.

  × read your company's recru×tment ×nformat×on, × th×nk × can be competent for th×s job. Because th×s pos×t×on ×s closely related to my major. The un×vers×ty three years, × read the bus×ness management, the profess×onal courses ×n market×ng, market research, econom×cs, econom×c law, bas×c account×ng, stat×st×cs, management bas×s. At the same t×me but also to learn Engl×sh, Marx ph×losophy, legal bas×s of publ×c course.

  Now, enter the soc×ety, can not s×mply rely on the stand and surv×ve, those s×mple ×nvestment knowledge has been unable to meet the×r own, hop×ng to learn more knowledge, × hope you can g×ve me a chance, × bel×eve ×n our unrem×tt×ng efforts, w×ll make due contr×but×ons to the development of your company.

  Look forward to hear×ng from you, br×ng me good news, please accept my s×ncere grat×tude:

  S×ncerely w×sh you success, w×sh your company br×ll×ant prospects!

  Yours fa×thfully,


大学英文求职信 篇4


  Please consider me as an applicant for the position which you have advertised in JobsPower.com. I am 25 years of age, a graduate of the department of Business Administration in the class in 1984. After my graduation, I spent a year in travelling round the world. I now would like to seek employment. You will probably think that I have no experience in your line of business but, in fact, I am well-acquainted with what you have have been dealing, because my father used to, in the same kind of business. My daily contact with my father's working staff made me to understand all the procedures of foreign trade. Besides, I am a hard-working man who speaks little and works more.

  Please kindly give my application the first consideration.

大学英文求职信 篇5

  Respected leaders:


  Thank you for your time in your busy schedule to read my recommendation letter and open a door of hope for a passionate college student. Take this career, I with a sincere heart and to the cause of the persistent pursuit, sincerely recommend myself. The following is my self introduction:

  I Xinjiang Agricultural University College of science and technology human resources management professional a graduate student in the University, I study hard, good grades, some of the systematic study of the theory and practice of professional knowledge, actively participate in social practice, exercise their own psychological quality and interpersonal skills.

  During my college life, I grew a sense of responsibility and hardworking, and I learned a lot of knowledge. At the same time, I improved greatly in teamwork.

  I cherish the opportunity to learn opportunities in my career. In the past four years, I have studied professional knowledge and professional skills, and I have been involved in a wealth of extracurricular knowledge. During the school life, in the four years of college life, strict demands for themselves, keep forging ahead. In life, enthusiasm for people, the courage to take responsibility for their own fault, received by the teachers and students. It can be hardworking, honest, confident and dedicated. Have a strong sense of responsibility, and work hard to do everything well.

  Drops of sweat in the face of yesterday's wonderful smile, but also abundant confidence into the future. I want to use my good at observing those calm eyes, the sincere love heart, with those good operation and strong hands, his feet as gets rough swear the forward line of work following a pragmatic, enterprising, pioneering and innovative style of work and career to persistent pursuit of spirit, sharpen.

  Admittedly, lack of experience is my weakness, but I have full enthusiasm and the dedication of "doing a line of love." A galaxy of talents in the fierce competition era, and I may not be the best. But I'm still confident. "Heaven is healthy, the gentleman is constantly strengthening" is always my life motto!

  The past does not represent the future. Diligence is the real meaning. For practical work, I believe that I can quickly adapt to the working environment, and constantly learn in actual work, constantly improve myself and do my job well.

  With the letter attached to the letter, I sincerely hope that the enthusiasm of the heart can get the favor of your unit! I believe that the enthusiasm, bright and bright with the continuous progress of life, will be more and more wonderful!

  "Give me a stage to give you a good show," this is my commitment, is my determination.

  Eagerly looking forward to your echo!

  Merry: the expensive unit business on the upgrade!

大学英文求职信 篇6

Respected business leaders:


  Thank you for your first start reading, giving me the opportunity to you goes to my cover letter.

  I Jiangxi Vocational College of Economics an d Management Department of Logistics Management 20xx graduates with the same number of our students, graduate an d harvest in sight, waiting for the test of the community an d look forward to your choice.

  I was born in rural areas, studying in the city, so honest an d generous Chinese farmers an d urban people”s traditional virtues of a strong confident personality in me to get the perfect combination, which I have good social adaptation. University for three years to hone more I experience the significant increase in overall capacity strengthening, personal qualities to be a qualitative leap.

  Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, looking back, slowly an d study hard more than a dozen set, I split the air waves in the vast Xuehai cut, to seek the knowledge of the mountain. To pursue their studies of the exquisite, the pursuit of ambitions to achieve, manifestation of the pursuit of personal values, learning career, I have sought all-round development in physical an d moral. I sweat pour out of fruitful results. college three years, I have every year are very outstan ding professional achievements, an d received third-class scholarship. Not only that, but also repeatedly been assessed "outstan ding cadres” college, many times the individual literary works in the College of Competition award.

  Knowledge while at the same time I did not forget to shape their own character, honesty, unity an d good to my usual style, aggressive, hard work is my unique personality. To accompany raising their overall quality, I have actively participated in school a variety of meaningful activities outside; addition to specialized courses, I was the other after-school elective courses, including literature, psychology, acCounting, management, etc., in order to broaden their knowledge. usually either studying or living, I have to deman ding their own, I will put this character to the work which, strive to improve their ability to work, make their businesses grow gradually with the growth.

  "Decade of sword, frost edge never try ”, I sincerely hope to become a member of your organization, I will, with enthusiasm an d tenacity of character to work hard an d cooperate with colleagues, contribute to savings for many years as a unit wisdom an d skill. urge acceptance letter, is hope, I await your good news! I believe my ability, but I believe you are the right choice! give me a chance, I will have you a miracle!



大学英文求职信 篇7

  Respect for competent:


  I am guangdong light vocational technical college of accounting professional a graduating student. I am honored to have the opportunity to present my personal data in society, in order to find his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, and give you a recommendation.

  My name is XXX, 19xx, was born in a beautiful coastal city of chaozhou. The local conditions and customs of simple home made careful I sincerely, is my faith, the hobby is widespread, challenge, active, and healthy, open and bright, optimistic, sincere, caring and willing to study, perseverance, love is my characteristic, good professional knowledge and a strong sense of team work is my life's first wealth.

  The university three years, I notice the basic knowledge of learning, and individual ability. In the school strict instructive and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, comprehensive and systematic completed including financial and accounting, the budget accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, and accounting information system, a series of accounting professional courses, English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, Familiar with the basic operation of the computer and software operating, Understand the basic etiquette foreign work. At the same time, the use spare time widely read all kinds of books, horizons, increase

  Long experience, enriching themselves, a wide range of skills, let oneself can follow the pace of The Times. In addition, many use summer school experience such time out in society, several different natures of the part-time job, let oneself in close contact with society and life, learning to communicate with people, to get out of the society in the new environment as soon as possible after ready to society. During school, served as the minister, class as competitive person, busy working for others, let me learn how to better service, let me know how to efficient work, let me get precious

  The organization management planning experience, let his eloquence and daring get good exercise, but also in the department of debating contest champions.

  I love my choice of accounting professional and sincerely hope that you can be in the lead and guidance for the career, for you, contributes an own strength, and work in the process of self, expertise and realize their life values. Opportunities for preparation, and I have prepared. Hope you can give me a chance. Whatever you choose whether finally

  Choose me, please accept my sincere gratitude!

  Wish your business!

大学英文求职信 篇8

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  It’s greatly appreciated that you can share your time to read my self—recommendation letter. My name is Wang Jiang,22,majoring in English. I will graduate from HuBei Normal University in June XX with honors. In the course of four—year university study,I was appointed as vice monitor and the chairman of the League Member. Now I am the member of CPC. Thanks to my industry,I have passed TEM4, CET6 ,TEM8.Meanwhile,four years I reaped many rewards,such as national scholarship,the first ranking scholarship,the second ranking scholarship,3 good’s student,outstanding student leader9 f2 m and excellent League Member,etc.

  : | H,“Only after polishing, the sword will be sharp; only after suffering severe winter, the plum blossom will be fragment.” After four—year hard study, I have possessed the quality to be a qualified English teacher. I got the second price in teacher skill competition in HuBei Normal University as well as the first price in normal students’ teaching lesson .

  Four—year hard working arms me with solid specialized knowledge. Now, I have mastered the basic English skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation; and also have a good knowledge of grammar, phonetics, linguistics etc. Additionally, extensive reading has broadened my mind. It acquainted me with western countries’ culture and custom. Hard working also rewards me with high scores in examination.

  With a perfect mastery of specialized knowledge, I also developed myself in all-round way. I have been paying special attention to foster my managerial ability, coordinate ability and cooperative ability. So I have done lots of jobs during my college life, such as working as a student secretary of the college of foreign studies, an English training teacher of Info Tech Essentials, Inc. HuangShi Branch, a private tutor. I have not only done a good job but also have leant a lot from such experiences.

  Moreover, my self-confidence, industry, and enthusiasm as well as great passion pave the way for conquering the difficulties which would occur in future work.

  All in all, please do believe I am competent enough and I can feel up to this position. I am positive about a success in this post.

  Your sincerely,

  Wish your business!

大学英文求职信 篇9

  Dear S×r/Madam,

  My name ×s xxxx and × w×ll graduate from X×Hua Un×vers×ty ×n the year of 20xx. My major ×s secretary ×n Engl×sh department.

  ×t’s my great pleasure to have th×s opportun×ty to ×mprove our mutual understand×ng. Dur×ng the three –year college study,× tr×ed my best to learn all k×nds of knowledge,and we×gh the hard work of my teachers and myself; × have mastered Engl×sh l×sten×ng,speak×ng,wr×t×ng and read×ng sk×lls.

  Moreover,× have a good command of Bus×ness Engl×sh and the bas×c theory,publ×c relat×onsh×p of secretary.Meanwh×le, ×n order to enlarge my knowledge, × always read some newspapers and magaz×nes about bus×ness and trade,and × used to do some representat×ve of bus×ness ×n my spare t×me. At the same t×me, × learnt computer sk×lls dur×ng my summer vacat×on,and now ×’m fam×l×ar w×th Off×ce 20xx. ×t ×s my three –year college l×fe that makes me form my l×fe att×tude. Also my three-year college l×fe that makes me r×ch ×n knowledge,and ×t’s also my three-year college l×fe that makes me form my l×fe att×tude. Honesty, Trust, D×l×gence ×s pr×nc×ple of how to be a man.

  As a college graduate,× bel×eve “where there ×s a w×ll, there ×s a way”, and × w×ll try my best to do a good job ×n my bus×ness. So × s×ncerely hope that × can make a pos×t×on ×n your company so that × can serve for the company ×n the future.

  Yours fa×thfully,


大学英文求职信 篇10

  Dear Sir/Madam

  I was referred to you by Mr. Wang, a Partner with your Beijing office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your Auditor Program.

  I have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an Auditor last year with the Beijing office of CCCC. I will be receiving my MBA this May from Peking University. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company.

  I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive Auditor upon completion of your development program.

  I will be in the Shanghai area the week of May 10. Please call me at to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. I look forward to meeting you then.













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