2021-11-15 英文求职信


英文求职信 篇1

Dear Sir,

  Please consider me as an applicant for the position of the secretary which you describe in your advertisement in the JobsPower.com of July 15.

  I've just graduated from the City Commercial College in which I majored in Import & Export Trading. English happened to be my favorite and best subject at school. My English scores were always on the top ten of my class of fifty. I have learned to operate telex machine and computer and I can type either in English or in Chinese. Although I have no other work experience than two years' part time job in an export company in summer, I am willing to work hard and learn.

  I'd very much appreciate the chance to talk to you and to get your opinion on whether I am qualified for the job you offer.

英文求职信 篇2

  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a. Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great deal.I hope to offer my service at you company because of my following qualifications;…


  b.In reply to your advertisement in yesterday Wuhan Evening Paper,I respectfully offer my service for the position.


  c. Your very attractive advertisement in yesterday Changjiang Daily seemde made to order for me…and me for the job.


  d.This morning China Daily carried your advertisement for a computer operator at a large company.


  e. Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees.


  f. Six valuable years of experience in the retail grocery business,with both a small privately ownde chain and a large corporte chain.


  g.Direct first -hand knowledge of all phases of the business operation.


  h.I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in Changjiang Daily of October 18.


  i.Learning from Mr.Hong that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position.


  j.In answer to your advertisement in today Hubei Daily for a secretary,I wish tender my service. 贵公司在今天湖北日报上登载的招聘秘书的广告,我希望能得到这个职位。

  k.I would like to apply for the position of financial director you have advertised through the Personnel Market on Chezhan Road.


  (2)Explain the reasons for leaving your previous employment (说明你离开以前工作岗位的理由):

  a.My reason for leaving my present employment is that I want to obtain broader experience in trading.


  b.At present I have to leave my position as my presint employer have been forced to liquidate his business.


  c.I have to leave my present job because I have little change to be promoted.


  d.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is that I try to win another opportunity to better myself.


  e.On account of the discontimuance of business at the company,I left the office.


  f.I would like to do with your company where the work will be more diversifiedand on a higher creative level.


  h.My present job can not offer me much chance for me to tap my potential in the field of computer.But the job you advertised on the newspaper is what I have desired to apply for ,because it offers me ……


  i. There is no prospect of promotion where I am at present and I would like something more challenging.


  (3)Express the demand for the starting salary (表示希望得到的起始薪金)

  a.I hesitate to state a definite salary. But ,so long as you have requested me to do so, I should consider 1500 yuan a month satisfactory.


  b.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.


  c..Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet,I should consider 1000 yuan a month appropriate.


  d.I am willing to start with a smal salary.


  e.My present job pays 15000 yuan a year, in additon to health benefits and bonuses.I am looking to start here at 1200 yuan or above that figure with periodic inceases b

  ased on performance on the job ,plus the usual benefits package. 我现在的工 作待遇除了健康保险和奖金外每年还有15000元薪金。我想在贵公司工作的起点为每月1200元或更高,然后按工作表现,定期增加工资当然还包括一般的福利待遇。

  f.I should require a commencing salary of 1000 yuan a month.

  我需要的薪金起点是每个月 1000元。

  (4)Express strong personal qualities(表达个人的特长)

  a.My resume shows my success in corrdination a busy schedule of collegiate studies,part-time jobs,and extracurricular a ctivitise. The presidency of the students union at the university provides evidence of the trait which you require for the growth of your company.


  b.I have received a good education and learned taking notes in English shorthand.


  c.During my summer job with a joint venture in Tianjin,I gained a great deal of first -hand knowledge about foreign trade and learned how to communicate with people of defferent interests and backgrounds.


  d.My education has provided me with a broad background in the field of foreign trade and sales promotion.


  e. As a result of my experience in these two programs mentioned above, not only have a basic understanding of managerial processes, but also understand the terminology and viewpoint of professionals in data processing.


  f. This educational background plus my courses and experience with computers certainly rquip me to be an asset to your financial management department.


  g. My fluency in English and French is first-rate.


英文求职信 篇3

  dear every leader:

  you are good! thank you very much can you in his busy schedule to read my financial accounting application letter.

  i am xx university xx campus a graduating student, the professional is the financial accounting, i hope i can to your unit do accounting and related work.

  the university for four years, i have to pay attention to the basic course of study, and attach importance to the cultivation of students ability. during the period of school, i take the time, study hard, excellent grades completed the basic theory of learning. at the same time, i also plan to take time to read all kinds of books, magazines, and strive to as far as possible, the expanded aspect of knowledge, keep pace with the pace of the times. besides study, out of the school gate, i try to catch every can exercise opportunity, with different levels of people get along with, let oneself closely contact with society, feel the life, savour the life of acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, make oneself mature as soon as possible.

  now i desire to the expensive unit to work, make theoretical knowledge which studies and practice the combination, can make their life have a qualitative leap.

  select the unit, the wages and welfare not i considered the primary conditions. i pay more attention to the whole image of the unit, management mode, the morale of the employees and working atmosphere. i believe your unit is just what i pursue ideal goal. im very confident to your promise: choose me, you will not regret.

英文求职信 篇4

Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Social Work Assistant

  With reference to your advertisement in the JobsPower.com on January 4, I would like to offer my services to fill the above vacancy.

  As stated in my resume, I have gained a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from XYZ University, which involved in-depth research into young mothers' psychology. I have also worked closely with young women in a helping capacity, in which we provide a wide range of vital services to young mothers and expectant mothers, including a prenatal residential program.

  I believe my experience in social work and my enthusiasm for helping others qualifies me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this job further.

  Yours sincerely

英文求职信 篇5

Dear Human Resources Manager


  I am honored to be your busy schedule to read my cover letter, thank you

  My name is Cao Fei, a Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Computer Science graduating undergraduates and technical expertise, will get a BS in Computer Science. Four years of college, laid a solid theoretical basis, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style of work.

  As a college student, I am very well aware how fierce competition of contemporary talent, a competitive talent requires not only a solid and a wealth of expertise, the knowledge and the overall quality to be consolidated and strengthened. Often participate in various sports activities, social practice, practical experience is outstanding, with good team spirit and human interpersonal communication and coordination skills. Holidays and summer vacation to do some promotion and market research; in order to constantly improve themselves, to a complex talent of a new century, to meet the challenges of society.

  Proficient in C and C + +, JAVA. Familiar with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Familiar with the Office, WPS Office automation software. Self-an HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, etc. web production software. Proficiency in commonly used software can use. Computer II, CET 6 national certificate.

  Received on the occasion of the pen, solemnly raised a small request: Whether or not you choose me, Dear leaders, we hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  Wish your organization business was flourishing!

英文求职信 篇6

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the China Daily of December 13, for an assistant manager in your company. Both my educational background and work experience closely parallel your requirement.

  I will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource with honors in July, 20xx. I am convinced that the relevant knowledge acquired in university will lay a solid foundation for my future career. Another point I want to draw your attention to is that I have taken an active part in a wide range of campus activates. In the due process, my team spirit has been enhanced and my interpersonal skills improved. Enclosed with the letter is my resume which further detailed my qualification and experience.

  If you could grant me an interview, I will be highly appreciated. I can be reached at the 54545454. Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to your favorable reply.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

英文求职信 篇7









  over letter writing format points:

  if you want to rise to the personnel manager's attention, writing a cover letter better. cover letter resume cover letter belongs to can be placed in front of resume can also be placed behind the resume. cover letter can be a useful complement to resume their own lack of a lack of descriptive words.

  cover letter format, not fixed, but generally include three to five short paragraphs, the following paragraph written by five brief cover letter format format for writing the main points:

  the first paragraph should be able to rise as a candidate recruiter for your interest and stimulate the enthusiasm of readers. why does the reader have to read the letter? you can dian she do?

  the second paragraph must sell your value. you are able to meet reader needs and job requirements of the skills, abilities, qualifications, and credit for that?

  display your outstanding achievements in the third paragraph, results and educational background, they must be able to directly support a strong second paragraph of content. if possible, quantify these achievements.

  the fourth paragraph of the actions to be launched in the future. requests for interviews, or tell the reader you will call them within a week to discuss next step in the process.

  the fifth paragraph should be very brief period, the end of the letter and expressed his thanks.

  in general, a good cover letter also have the following characteristics:

  (1) cover letter belong to an informal letter, it must be able to establish a harmonious atmosphere between the two sides. so, you want to use warm, energetic and exciting language to infect each other.

  (2) in the beginning, to a brief description of where you saw the recruitment advertisement or obtained the information, you are more interested in what positions, which is virtually as a personnel manager's job to help the busy.

  (3) the cover letter must introduce you to future employers and your values.

  (4) an effective cover letter should be easy to read, the font in the font larger than the resume, but also to short - three to five short paragraphs is sufficient.

  (5) to ensure that the cover letter signed by name, date.

  i how to write good cover letter

  if you want to write a good cover letter, you must bear in mind the following suggestions:

  (1) the use of special paper, written at the top of your name, address and telephone number. your resume to use the package of paper - it shows you the grade and professional demeanor.

  (2) if you have a job of personnel manager's name, units, then you can customize the cover letter attached to the beginning of the letter. cover letter specifically addressed to a particular individual.

  (3) if you do not want custom-made for every letter, but would prefer to use the format for letters, use the king called "dear recruiter." (do not use "dear sir" because the recruitment of executives who may be a woman.)

  (4) cover letter as far as possible the length of the control within a.

  (5) in the cover letter to demonstrate your unique problem-solving skills, and with specific examples to support it.

  (6) if not asked, would not be appropriate to talk about salary in cover letter.

  (7) if you are asked for salary history and treatment requirements, then you are a modest opening the fan "window" (for example, can not be low to moderate level), and marked it can be re-negotiated (if possible) .

  (8) to ensure that cover letter to a professional demeanor.

  (9) to ensure that absolutely does not appear in the cover letter spelling, printing and grammatical errors.

  (10) to ensure that a brief cover letter to convey his ideas. never mess, saying nothing.

  (11) do not lie or exaggerate. in your cover letter and resume that everything must be able to be supported in the interview and confirmed.

  (12) in the cover letter to avoid the negative and contradictory subject. the purpose of cover letter and resume to forward in your best leg. those negative material (often leaving a previous job termination, etc.) can be used in the interview alternative approach.











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