2022-01-13 英文求职信


英文求职信 篇1

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership?

  I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profitability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies.

  I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serve as manager for BIT Company‘s Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments include:

  Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor business performance

  Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database

  My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

英文求职信 篇2

dear leaders:


  first of all, thank you for the work in a busy paying attention to my personal statement, where you will savor a century, sincere and eager college students heart.

  i graduated from shenyang architecture university of property management. the new century, opportunities and challenges have become the theme of the times, while the rational selection and use of talents, then a period of time than in any previous era, more and demonstrate its importance. for the company to find a good assistant, i know your responsibilities and expectations, while seeking a deal that will play to their strengths while the work is my wish. i believe that with my abilities, knowledge can meet any challenge, the more convinced i will win the outstanding performance of your appreciation.

  the increasingly fierce competition for talent, opportunity and pressure coexist. after several years of university life in me to improve their own quality, solid professional basis into a higher eligibility criteria for personnel demands on themselves. i know xuehai a piece of good news, more aware of the significance of facing the wall a decade. . . . . .

  today, the early studies into, in order to be chibi huai-hui who hold good-lun in order to celebrities. challenges, i would like to show what they have learned and create a better future!

  world first, horses, after the maxima, i can not claim to pearl jewelry and more can not claim to superior scholarship, time to rush, knowledge at the beginning, from the school to the community, i know that there is a growing process. but fortunately, i live in the era of winds and waves, as long as there is more than the struggle and confidence, motivation does not decline, relying on the future of the pursuit and exploration of career dedication and love, i am confident that in a civilized, unity, collective progress, in doing everything we can add another brilliant, i will certainly live up to your expectations and love.

  i look forward to yet another challenge in life, but also look forward to the event of exposure before the development of good will work with unlimited space to go. give me a sky, i will make it more colorful, which i will never promise. look forward to your good news!

  loyal blessing: the prosperity of your company, all staff working smoothly!



英文求职信 篇3

Distinguished leadership


  Xx I soon graduated from the University of Communication Studies students called xx.

  Four years in college, I have laid a solid theoretical foundation for the professional, with good learning ability, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style. Conscientiously studied the theory of communication expertise, reading a large number of communications-related books, and the other four had been made in English, computer-level certificates.

  I focus on the combination of theory and practice, so many times during the winter and summer vacations to participate in social practice, in the xx and xx broadcasters Times internships, participation in the work of a number of news reporters and editors, can be learned in schools news flexibility in the use of theoretical knowledge to specific the work, familiar with the basic information editing process, the basic grasp of the use of the editing machine operation, leadership and colleagues to be unanimously endorsed. Usually also a self-learning flash, Authorware web page authoring software, such as the basic operation, able to skillfully use Office, WPS Office Automation software.

  I am a warm easy-going personality, live cheerful wave, with entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, have a stronger writing skills. A wide range of personal interests and hobbies as they like the sport, such as table tennis, basketball, badminton and so on. Like reading, movies, music, travel, photography, dreams of becoming a professional photographer, likes to read various newspapers and magazines, more concerned about the understanding of the news media.

  I hope to find a knowledge structure and its related work, can have more space to prove themselves and develop their own!



英文求职信 篇4

Dear your school leadership:


  Thank you for your busy schedule to pull redundant reading my cover letter. Set sail, Lai Dongfeng help you! I am a 20xx session of the Hubei Normal University Department of Mathematics, fresh undergraduate mathematics education. Will soon face the choice of employment, I am think of your organization worked. Colleagues and your organization want to work hand in hand, a total of Yang sails of hope to create brilliant career.

  "Sharp sword from the sharpening out, plum blossom incense come from the bitter cold." After more than four years of professional study and university life of training, into the school when the naive, childish I have now become composed and calm. In order to base society, for their own career success, four years I have been to study, whether it is basic courses, or specialized courses, have achieved good results. Acquired during the year 20xx the University Hospital of individual scholarships to meet the state 4 level, the computer had the national level, and through the National Putonghua Proficiency Test Upper Second Class. At the same time after school, I also paid attention to expanding their knowledge and professional skills of teachers Minor (Secondary Mathematics Education), has studied with master basic skills. The use of spare time learning the basic operation of computer, familiar with windows operating system, master office20xx office software can be skilled in using software, Authorware, Powerpoint and other produce courseware, multimedia teaching.

  Learning is important, but capacity-building is also essential. More than three years, in order to enhance their teaching ability, and accumulated educational experience, starting from the second year, I have the doors of specialized courses to learn, it is also the use of spare time to participate actively in tutoring practice for more than math lame leg junior secondary and primary remedial math students, so that they have a greater degree in mathematics achievement improved, my work has also been recognized and praised parents. In order to further accumulation of experience in mathematics education system, I went to Wuhan Iron and Steel Daye iron ore carried out a two-month internship in middle school mathematics education, in the two-month internship, and I actively consult an experienced teacher, pay attention to learn from their teaching art, improve their professional level and teaching presentation skills, and strive to make their teaching style to achieve simultaneously informative and interesting. Through their continuous efforts and teaching practice, I already have a good teacher, excellent work style, solid way of teaching basic skills, strong self-learning and adaptability, good communication and coordination, makes me full of the future of education of confidence and expectations.

  10 years of Han Chuang studying, now I have endless pride and confidence. Career success requires knowledge, perseverance, sweat, the perfect combination of opportunities. Similarly, a unit of honor need to carry her carrier - who dedicated himself selflessly. I urge your organization to give me a chance, let me have the honor to become a member of you, I will hundredfold pragmatic enthusiasm and hard work to return you for helping his career.

  Look forward to hearing from you!

  Please find attached my personal resume, thank you for your busy schedule to take a moment to approval of this material.



英文求职信 篇5

  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a. Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great deal.I hope to offer my service at you company because of my following qualifications;…


  b.In reply to your advertisement in yesterday Wuhan Evening Paper,I respectfully offer my service for the position.


  c. Your very attractive advertisement in yesterday Changjiang Daily seemde made to order for me…and me for the job.


  d.This morning China Daily carried your advertisement for a computer operator at a large company.


  e. Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees.


  f. Six valuable years of experience in the retail grocery business,with both a small privately ownde chain and a large corporte chain.


  g.Direct first -hand knowledge of all phases of the business operation.


  h.I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in Changjiang Daily of October 18.


  i.Learning from Mr.Hong that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position.


  j.In answer to your advertisement in today Hubei Daily for a secretary,I wish tender my service. 贵公司在今天湖北日报上登载的招聘秘书的广告,我希望能得到这个职位。

  k.I would like to apply for the position of financial director you have advertised through the Personnel Market on Chezhan Road.


  (2)Explain the reasons for leaving your previous employment (说明你离开以前工作岗位的理由):

  a.My reason for leaving my present employment is that I want to obtain broader experience in trading.


  b.At present I have to leave my position as my presint employer have been forced to liquidate his business.


  c.I have to leave my present job because I have little change to be promoted.


  d.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is that I try to win another opportunity to better myself.


  e.On account of the discontimuance of business at the company,I left the office.


  f.I would like to do with your company where the work will be more diversifiedand on a higher creative level.


  h.My present job can not offer me much chance for me to tap my potential in the field of computer.But the job you advertised on the newspaper is what I have desired to apply for ,because it offers me ……


  i. There is no prospect of promotion where I am at present and I would like something more challenging.


  (3)Express the demand for the starting salary (表示希望得到的起始薪金)

  a.I hesitate to state a definite salary. But ,so long as you have requested me to do so, I should consider 1500 yuan a month satisfactory.


  b.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.


  c..Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet,I should consider 1000 yuan a month appropriate.


  d.I am willing to start with a smal salary.


  e.My present job pays 15000 yuan a year, in additon to health benefits and bonuses.I am looking to start here at 1200 yuan or above that figure with periodic inceases b

  ased on performance on the job ,plus the usual benefits package. 我现在的工 作待遇除了健康保险和奖金外每年还有15000元薪金。我想在贵公司工作的.起点为每月1200元或更高,然后按工作表现,定期增加工资当然还包括一般的福利待遇。

  f.I should require a commencing salary of 1000 yuan a month.

  我需要的薪金起点是每个月 1000元。

  (4)Express strong personal qualities(表达个人的特长)

  a.My resume shows my success in corrdination a busy schedule of collegiate studies,part-time jobs,and extracurricular a ctivitise. The presidency of the students union at the university provides evidence of the trait which you require for the growth of your company.


  b.I have received a good education and learned taking notes in English shorthand.


  c.During my summer job with a joint venture in Tianjin,I gained a great deal of first -hand knowledge about foreign trade and learned how to communicate with people of defferent interests and backgrounds.


  d.My education has provided me with a broad background in the field of foreign trade and sales promotion.


  e. As a result of my experience in these two programs mentioned above, not only have a basic understanding of managerial processes, but also understand the terminology and viewpoint of professionals in data processing.


  f. This educational background plus my courses and experience with computers certainly rquip me to be an asset to your financial management department.


  g. My fluency in English and French is first-rate.


英文求职信 篇6

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Thank you very much for skimming my letter in your busy time. And I am very appreciate than your esteemed company would give me an opportunity. First please allow me to introduce myself.

  My English name is Cathy. I am the graduate student in Foreign College of Jingsu University of Science and Technology. I learn that your company is recruiting now. I am confident that four years of university study and the social practice can help me to apply for the position in your company. I have had a solid theoretical foundation because of the four years of English learning. The annual internship experience make me from theory to practice, although I have no formal work experience. However I am sure that I have a certain degree of understanding of the foreign trade posts and the translation work. And I believe that I have a strong learning ability, and Ican completely adapt to the new work in a short time.

  Under the teacher's strict teaching and my personal efforts, I have formed a solid foundation of professional knowledge, mastered the business English knowledge. At the the spare time I also actively read the professional knowledge of the relevant newspapers and magazines, understing the new economic situation, and initially have a good command of English basic communication and translation ability. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities and volunteer service activities, take part in the English speech contest, translation contest, English tongue twisters and English about the game, also involve in the strawberry Music Festival, better Xijin ferry and other large activities of the volunteer activities. These practice allow me to chece my knowledge, and also make me to have the strong ability of analysis and solving problems, and make me more confident and mature.

  Self-confidence and perseverance is my principle,and calm and optimism is the attitude of my way. I have the confidence and hope to get the opportunity to work in your company.

  Attach a brief resume. Thank you again for your concern for me. Look foraward to your reply.


英文求职信 篇7

  dear leaders:


  i zhoukou XX vocational and technical college of electrical and professional integration of students in XX is about to become social. very honored to be able to accept your selection, at the same time very grateful to your busy schedule to look at my job recommended materials.

  since i entered the university has been hard work, good hard ask, after two years of unremitting efforts, i successfully completed the specialist course of the stage constantly improve the ability to work. learning system have the c / c + + language, autocad and this bed cnc operation, mechanical drawing of the painting, and have achieved good results and won the school, "third-class scholarship." two years of study, i have a solid theoretical foundation and the knowledge structure, broaden their horizons and expand their thinking. a good foundation of basic knowledge so that i firmly believe that their jobs can be heavy responsibilities in the future.

  strive to learn at the same time, i always pay attention to their comprehensive abilities, actively involved in a variety of practical activities to gain a "social practice and advanced individuals." involved in practical work experience also has taught me to work free from anxiety, the importance of working hard. although two years of university study and life, a certain amount of social experience, so i developed a calm and pragmatic character of self-confidence rigorous work style, and give me the courage to participate in social competition. however, the knowledge is limited, the only university training is a way of thinking and learning methods, "discussion paper终觉must know this to practice."

  thanks to read my cover letter and look forward to your reply. the browser will then try its利钝, will ride a horse and then the crossbow qiliang. "is your company as the leading technology to the production efficiency, the full implementation of science and technology enterprise development strategy, will become a useful arena talent. your company full of vigor and vitality of a modern enterprise system reform will be opportunities and i to render meritorious service challenge. although you may feel that i have learned the knowledge and the requirements of your company are still gaps, but i believe that through the efforts and forge ahead with an open mind, able to quickly make up for the inadequacy of their own, and play to their strengths.

  i sincerely hope that your company can become a glorious and your company's development and take-off to make their modest appeal to accept, is the hope for a reply.

  finally usiness success! i wish you a happy life!













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