2022-03-03 英文求职信


大学生英文求职信 篇1

  dear leaders:

  hello! thank you for taking the examination in a letter to my job. i am a clothing line changzhou university graduates in XX, facing the choice, i am full of longing and expectation, your organization is willing to put themselves forward to a frank, and submitted my letter of the material, please review.

  i graduated with a young school, sixteen years of self-寒窗pulling so hard for so i created. university three-year short and full of life, a thousand days and nights, i荡起wisdom zhou, ying-chao yang, send落霞, travel and knowledge of the ocean. i understand that: modern society, the opportunities and challenges; i know: only unremitting efforts to have a good harvest. it is with this conviction, i am optimistic and enterprising spirit, hard-working hard learning attitude, work hard pragmatic work style, team co-operation principle, to forge ahead and beyond the self, and strive to become an innovative spirit, a positive open compound talents.

  university life is my life, one of the most important stage of my exploration of life, the practice of true value, independent and wisdom, towards a more mature process. over the past few years, i was determined to be a professional to learn their best students, i not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also a certain degree of practical ability and team spirit of the tradition of hard work. born in rural families, i have a hard-working, honest, kind-hearted personality, not afraid of difficulties in cultivating our setbacks, the struggle of the spirit of unwillingness to admit defeat.

  self-confidence and perseverance are my principles, i am calm and optimistic attitude, a broad-loving enrich me. facing the choice, i have full confidence in their own community and the desire to be recognized by society, to have the opportunity to play to their wisdom, have contributed to society.

  distinguished leadership and in urgent need of a party to the sky eagle wings, good horse riding to be a party to the path. i sincerely wish to become a member of your company.

  trust and believe that your combination of strength, i will bring to our common success. meng gu you抽暇a letter, be grateful!

  this self-salute

大学生英文求职信 篇2

  Respect leadership: hello! First of all, thank you in spite of being very busy ZhanKan my recommendation. My name is XXX, guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's hospital affiliated health school nursing graduates. While at school, I work hard, learn clear goal, excellent academic achievements, professional theory in yulin city, through solid first people's hospital clinical practice stage, major study phase, which is available to a solid foundation of medicine, nursing basic theoretical knowledge, nursing skills, such as the operation preliminary already have engaged in clinical nursing work ability. Professional besides study, I also seize every opportunity, and extracurricular practice exercises likes reading, Internet, especially love sports. Through practice further boost my management, organization, leadership and interpersonal skills, constantly improve themselves. I hope you can give me a chance to prove yourself, you will find my special! After school three years of study. Now of I, facing the study, my confidence, serenity, poise, Faced with work, I can do, is willing to do, to dare to do, In life, I am warm, generous, honest. Duration of campus, and a farewell application materials, the duty and expect to join your hospital, get a let me play angels to chance this Salute!


  您好! 首先,感谢您在百忙之中展看我的自荐信。 我叫XXX,广西壮族自治区人民医院附属卫生学校护理专业应届毕业生。在校期间,本人学习勤奋刻苦,目标明确,学业成绩优秀,专业理论扎实,经过在玉林市第一人民医院的临床实习阶段、专业学习阶段,现已具备扎实的基础医学、护理学基础的理论知识、护理操作等技能,已初步具备从事临床护理的工作能力。 专业学习之余,本人也善于把握每个实践锻炼的机会,课外还喜欢看书、上网、尤其热爱运动。通过实践进一步提高了我的管理、组织、领导和人际交往的能力,不断地完善自己。希望您能给我一个表现自我的机会,您就会发现我的与众不同! 经过在校三年的学习。如今的我,面对学习,我自信、沉着、稳重;面对工作,我能干、肯干、敢干;面对生活,我热情、大方、诚恳。时值告别校园之际,谨呈求职材料,毛遂自荐,期盼能加盟贵医院,获得一个让我发挥白衣天使才能的机会



大学生英文求职信 篇3

Miss. wu:

  I was referred to you by mr. zhang, a partner wIth your beIjIng offIce, who Informed me that the shanghaI offIce of your company Is actIvely seekIng to hIre qualIty IndIvIduals for your audItor program.

  I have more than two years of accountIng experIence, IncludIng InternIng as an audItor last year wIth the beIjIng offIce of cccc. I wIll be receIvIng my mba thIs may from tsInghua unIversIty. I am confIdent that my combInatIon of practIcal work experIence and solId educatIonal experIence has prepared me for makIng an ImmedIate contrIbutIon to your company. I understand the level of professIonalIsm and communIcatIon requIred for long-term success In the fIeld. my background and professIonal approach to busIness wIll provIde your offIce wIth a hIghly productIve audItor upon completIon of your development program.

  I wIll be In the shanghaI area the week of aprIl 16. please call me at 1xxxxxxxxxxx to arrange a convenIent tIme when we may meet to further dIscuss my background In relatIon to your needs. I look forward to meetIng you then.

大学生英文求职信 篇4

  dear leaders:


  was pleased to participate in your companys human resources recruitment. as the car is about to graduate professional students, are convinced that your company would like to search for jobs. at the same time, the company also hopes to read my resume and attached to the report card. wish to express my gratitude.

  university, i first of all to their own position in the technology, followed by taking into account the management of the economy; but also focus on training their own ability to learn, and strive to improve the framework of their own knowledge.

  technical aspects, i have done in three preparations.

  1) basic: may be due to the characteristics of the automotive industry, it is holding up the works of convincing, so i focused on the schools required course on the open. received five scholarships and the best students, learning the title role models. my first three years of the weighted score of 82 points, basically the post-graduate qualification exam.

  2) computers and networks: the development of computers and networks are a great trend. for its characteristics, i customized study plan accordingly. to participate in cad / cam / cae (catia) training and obtain a certificate ibm.

  3) foreign language: the importance of english self-evident. i would like to make foreign language learning is a self-confidence. if necessary, even if this is not a problem spoken. in addition, learning german.

  other aspects, mainly referring to the human sciences: knowledge for improving their own interest in the structure and consideration, i take part and self-study courses. for management, economic, legal, etc. with some basic knowledge.

  in addition i would also like to mention is that i am not a party member, but the thought of not less than the quality of party members; as regards health status, not aerobics, but health is definitely a first-class. their immune systems strong. university during the last one hospital, it took about three drugs.

  represents past performance, in addition to the technical aspects needs to be added in the outside. especially in the practice should step up their study. while in school there is the practice of setting up classes, but it is certainly not enough, but there is a certain distance and the actual. therefore, i would like to participate in the work of training their own hands the ability to combine theory and practice to gain insight and understanding to help better use of the future.

  i would like your company to take greater account of the material. been looking forward to hearing from you. thanks!

大学生英文求职信 篇5

  Dear sir/Madam:

  Hello!I sincerely thank you, in the busy taking the time to read my cover letter.

  I am a Civil Engineering Hohai University, Nanjing Institute of Engineering Mechanics Graduate Professional 20xx session will be graduating in June 20xx and would like to become South Africa Institute of survey and design one, would like to recommend their own.

  Four years in undergraduate and graduate students sent a three-year period, the spirit of "hard work and plain living, seek truth from facts and strict requirements, the courage to explore the" motto of the strict demands on themselves, study hard, work conscientiously, outstanding performance, year after year scholarship, and actively participate in social practice. Systematic study of a wide range of expertise to engage in a lot of books, continually expand the knowledge and social experience and actively participate in production and research.

  Myputer and a good standard of English.puter through theputer two countries can be skilled to use VB, VC, Fortran programming language, and the preparation of students and their many practical procedures; can skilled use of AutoCAD, ANSYS, Flac, Abaqus and other specialized software. English through the College English Test 4, the reading proficiency can bepared to industry data.

  While studying at the school learning and life, so I know how to truth-seeking, innovation, unity, and is a career ahead of the first prerequisite. If fortunate enough to become a member of your organization, I will work diligently, get down to work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative and creativity to make every effort for the development.

  Again, thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your early reply, thank you!

  Business unitsthriving achievements!



大学生英文求职信 篇6

  Dear Mr. Director,

  I am currently working on Master Degree in International Commercial law at Tsinghua University. My supervisor Mr.Wang, a well-know professor of law, tells me that SFSC specializes in recommending qualified personnel to muti-national companies and suggests that I contact you for recommendation.

  During the two years of studies at Tsinghua University, I have not only

  acquired a lot of knowledge of international commercial law, but also learned two foreign languages as well ,they are English and Japanese. Moreover, I have published two papers in the university journal on problems that may arise after China‘s entry to WTO. And they have been favorably accepted.

  I am enclosing a resume, copies of my published papers, and Professor DA‘s letter of recommendation.

  I sincerely hope you will introduce me to a famous multi-national company, to which I will dedicate myself.



大学生英文求职信 篇7

  dear sir / miss:

  hello! xx i am in college, majored in international economics and trade, in july next year i will graduate and economic degree. recently informed of your company are currently recruiting talent, i am confident i have learned in the university's knowledge to be able to help with my job xx candidates.

  i have good basic computer knowledge and ability in the moment has passed on ncre assessment. are now able to carry out skilled operation windowsxp.

  i have good command of english, from freshman to junior teachers have specialized instruction. in his sophomore year when the country has been through 4 and 6 in english, results were 523 and 499. in the third year, participants and achieved 5.5 ielts results.

  period at the university, often with many second prize and third prize of scholarship and the "three outstanding students," the title. students could live in harmony, actively cooperate with the work of班委. have a good team spirit: once with the group plans to mock the establishment of a company's overall financial reporting.

  i very much hope that your company can work, i can play. enclosed herewith is my curriculum vitae. if the opportunity to interview with you, i would be very grateful!

  Your sincerely,


大学生英文求职信 篇8



  感谢您在百忙中浏览我这份自荐信,给一个即将毕业的大学生一个机会,在次我对此表示深深的感谢!首先请允许我做自我介绍,我的名字叫程XX,是南华理工大学20xx届外贸英语 专业的毕业生,获知贵单位广纳贤才,我幕名而至,真诚的渴望加入,为贵单位的明天添砖加瓦,更愿为此奉献自己的'劳动和智慧。

  秉着对知识的渴望,对 英语 学习的执著,在校期间我认真学习专业知识,并通过了大学 英语 四六级 考试 ,还通过了全国非计算机专业计算机 考试 二级。在班上任组织委员一职,组织过班级体郊游、班内趣味运动会等活动,当然这些都是小事情,但这个机会培养了我很好的组织能力与协调能力。在课外我积极参加学校的各种活动,曾代表我专业在知识竞赛中取得一等奖,同时我还参与到社会实践中,在校期间曾作过家教一职,也曾在网吧担任过管事一职,还为诺亚舟电子辞典作过市场调研,通过这些社会实践我学

  到了很多课堂上学不到的知识,对社会有一定的了解和认识。x年夏天到深圳同学公司打工,对外贸事物的运行和操作有了亲身的经历,我想这是最珍贵的经验。本人平时爱好广泛,喜爱音乐,运动,会弹吉他,在校期间还代表我专业参加了足球比赛。同时对军事与政治颇为关注,经常买关于军事和政治方面的报纸杂志研读,对当今世界的电子产品消费也有一定的关注。伴随着青春的激情和求知的欲望,我即将走完四年的求知之旅,美好的大学生活,培养了我科学严谨的思维方法。更造就了我积极乐观的生活态度和开拓进取的创新意识。课堂内外的社会实践、扎实的基础知识和开阔的视野,使我更了解社会;在不断的学习工作中养成的严谨、踏实的工作作风和团结协作的优秀品质,使我深信自己完全可以在岗位上守业、敬业、更能 创业 !乐慧眼,开始我千里之行。疾风知劲草,路遥知马力。古有毛遂自荐 ,今有伯乐点将。愿借您伯有待于您通过“使用”来证明。







Dear sir / madam:


  Thank you for reading me this letter of recommendation in your busy schedule. I would like to express my deep gratitude to a university student who is going to graduate soon! First please allow me to introduce myself, my name is XX, is the South China Polytechnic University 20xx the foreign trade English majors, I learned the expensive unit Xiancai, screen name to, sincere desire to join and contribute to your organization's future, more willing to sacrifice their own labor and wisdom.

  With the desire for knowledge, dedication to learning English, I seriously study and professional knowledge in school, and through the university English 46 levels of tests, through the national computer professional computer examination grade two. In the class, the post of organizing committee members, organized class outing, class fun sports and other activities, of course, these are small things, but this opportunity to train my good organizational skills and coordination ability. I actively participate in various activities in the extracurricular school, on behalf of my professional knowledge won the first prize in the competition, I also participate in social practice, during the school served as a tutor to the post, has served as a steward in the cafe, also for the Noah electronic dictionary for market research, through the social practice I learn

  To a lot of classroom knowledge, have a certain understanding and understanding of society. In the summer of X, I worked for a classmate in Shenzhen. I had the personal experience in the operation and operation of foreign trade. I think this is the most precious experience. I usually enjoy a wide range of hobbies. I love music, sports and play guitar. I also participated in the football match on behalf of my major during school. At the same time, military and political concern, often buying military and political newspapers, magazines, reading, the consumption of electronic products in the world today has also been a certain concern. With the passion of youth and the desire to seek knowledge, I am about to go through the four years of knowledge journey, a good university life, and cultivate my scientific and rigorous thinking methods. It has created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and a pioneering spirit of innovation. Basic knowledge of class of social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; work in continuous learning to develop the excellent quality of rigorous, pragmatic style of work and team, so I am sure they can be in a position to sovereignty, dedication and more! Le Huiyan, began my trip. Wind Supergrass, Luyao horse. Ancient houses, this is at bole. I would like to borrow your paper to be proved by "use".

  Finally, I wish you every success in your career! I am enclosing a resume which details my basic information, social practice, skills and qualifications. Thank you for your kind examination!



  Job hunter: Cheng XX


大学生英文求职信 篇9

  Dear Sir:

  Thank you for your busy schedule in taking the time to read the material I have put themselves forward in this, give me a fighting chance of success.

  I was in Jingzhou, Hubei Vocational Technical College students will soon graduate, post-harvest in sight, I hope to have this opportunity to work and study in your house.

  When the choice of medical institutions, has chosen the medical profession, determined to be life-saving faith-ming in my heart. I pay close attention to school every day since for the accumulation of professional knowledge and basic skills training. Theoretical study in school, I know the importance of theoretical knowledge, each course seriously, and achieved excellent results. Now, I had the privilege of Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Hubei Province for practice and training. During the internship period, I always keep in mind the teaching of theory with practice, made significant gains to master the basic clinical operations (including bed making, injection techniques, and aseptic operation, etc.), more in-depth understanding of the theoretical knowledge to use in practice. At the same time, I deeply appreciate the relationship between health care, the importance of nurse-patient relationship, learning the communication skills to improve patient satisfaction and efficiency. My internship study patients also received recognition and praise of many teachers. All these are the results of my tireless efforts, I have a positive spirit, I believe these experiences will be my study and work will continue a valuable asset.

  While studying at the school activities I can be useful to the plot-level participation, I believe that a wide range of interests and expertise will be in my future study and work play an important role in

  Although I have only a college degree, it seems less competitive. But I firmly believe that no matter how big the difference between education in the work we are starting from scratch, deep expertise, a wealth of clinical experience, open-minded optimism of the character, a strong sense of collaboration is the group for a qualified nursing personnel necessary conditions, but also my pursuit of the ultimate goal. I am willing to candidates of the clinical departments of nursing, I could look forward to in the future teachers and colleagues, tirelessly to pay for your house, I do everything in its power to make a contribution!

  At this moment, before it is before you a few thin paper, to me, is a student studying for more than a decade and the pain and gain, but also a students look forward to a better future and hope.

  Finally, I thank you for your review materials. Hospitals the cause of success, I wish that the leadership of good health and smooth work!














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