2022-03-04 英文求职信


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Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Customer Service Executive

  I am very interested in the captioned position that appeared in the January 4 of the JobsPower.com. Enclosed please find my resume for your review.

  During the past two years working at XYZ Technology Limited, I have become increasingly experienced in liaising with customers and other personnel. My interpersonal as well as communication skills have also been greatly refined.

  Although my resume provides you a good summary of my background and experience, I would like to meet you in person and further discuss my ability to handle the responsibilities of the position.

  Thank you for your consideration of my application.

  Yours sincerely

  Steven Cheung

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Dear leaders:


  Venture to occupy your very valuable time, thank you for your busy schedule to finish my自荐信. I am a college from xx Environmental Engineering, 20xx session of this year's graduates, the University will be the end of life, and opened a new chapter in life, I with great emotion I wish to apply to you, accept your selection and tests.

  More than ten years of hard-working parents, uncles and kind-hearted and simple and systematic study, I trained hard, the irit of self-improvement of quality and honest hard work. Four years, in the "learn to exercise" the influence of school, I study hard and achieved excellent results, but also received some valuable experience and skills of the pollution control, pollution control, environmental monitoring, environmental planning and management, environmental assessment such as the basic theoretical knowledge. Ideologically, I have a firm belief in communism, and continuously improve their own qualities and political theory.. Study, I study hard theoretical knowledge and professional skills, and focus on combining theory with practice, and actively participate in social practice and a variety of internships, with a good environment for engineering expertise and practical experience at the scene. Through the unremitting efforts, master of the Windows operating system, Office20xx, AutoCAD 20xx, Photoshop and other applications to operate.

  In the wish to exercise their own ideas, I did tutor, participated in internships metalworking, electrical training, professional training.

  Brave the wind and waves, show鸿鹄之志; cautious, who do Liye. Universities, although not the halo, but I have a solid theoretical knowledge and is not afraid of difficulties in the irit of hard. Looking back at the University of life, and enrich the learning to improve my knowledge of the structure, constantly thinking and learning step by step I am more and more mature. Please give me a chance, I will also return you a satisfactory!

  Finally,thriving business, I wish you good health and good luck.



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Dear leaders:


  Thank you for your busy schedule in the precious time reading my cover letter!

  I am a graduating computer science students will get a computer degree. University for four years has laid a solid theoretical foundation for computer and professional skills, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style of work.

  Theoretical study on the

  Conscientiously study the theory of expertise, read a lot of computer books. At the same time, law, literature and other non-professional knowledge, I also have a strong interest. While studying at the school in the professional examinations in a number of times by the first Billing Division. Two scholarships, such as access to a hospital, the hospital five times three, such as scholarships. College students were the third race the first prize of science and technology creation. Be graduating from college in 20xx session of outstanding design.


  Proficient in Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP. Proficiency in the use of Linux, Windows 9x/Me/NT/20xx/XP such as operating system. Proficiency in the use of Office, WPS Office Automation software. Learning HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and other web pages related to software production. The skilled use of all commonly used software.


  House has served as student members of the rank of deputy leader, the incumbent minister of the Organization Department团总支Department of Computer Science. Department of the Ministry of numerous organizations, class party, Spring and other activities by teachers and students alike.

  Ideological self-cultivation on

  Excellent quality, ideological progress, Benedict Shou-cheng, a letter, propriety and learning the principles of life. While studying at the school to join the glorious Communist Party of China.

  Social practice

  Four years of university life, I have strict requirements, competency-based training, in particular the practice of manipulative ability are my strengths. Suzhou New District in the Fujitsu, the company as much as practical. Yan Dance Group in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Academy of Telecommunications Technology to participate in the project. Numerous in-depth in school during the internships, to further enhance the capacity of the social practice.

  Low job-seekers holding a book, read the mind of self-confidence sincere, and I look forward to your company to become one!



  Job: ***

  **** ** On ** date in

英文求职信 篇4

  dear sir:

  how are you!

  dongbei university of finance i was a senior student, we are going into the community and i look forward to the future is full of, i believe that “well begin is half done”, (a good beginning is half the success)。 i hope that the success of your company is the starting point, to have the luck with your company to create brilliance together.

  i was born in the beautiful scenery of the border town - linjiang, 97 years with outstanding results, i went to the northeast university of finance and economics school of economics and management of financial accounting professional, then opened a new chapter in my life. i have been as a school class party branch secretary of the corporation, a busy train and exercise not only my ability to work and more training to solve the problem of my ability, so that the problems faced when i can calm analysis, careful thought, and this all for me the choice of professionals have had a profound impact.

  at the same time do a good , but also actively participate in school activities and to encourage students to participate, for their advice; in their daily lives, to closely unite the students, i believe that the collective force is powerful, and only you screw into a rope, in order to do a good .

  the needs of socialist modernization is a comprehensive quality management expertise, professional knowledge in the study at the same time, the main english and computers, in english, to strengthen training for my listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; in the computer, from the basis of knowledge to start, and further mastered the office of the function, but also self-learning of basic knowledge of the internet can be used flexibly. professional after the elections, in order to broaden their own knowledge, i also participated in the study accounting mastered basic accounting software applications and excel applications. in order to make their expertise to study together, i have also studied the case of the mba teaching materials, such as strategic management, corporate governance, financial management, capital operation and so on, and apply it in their practical work.

  “sea diving with width, height fly days”, i hope you can give me an opportunity to display their talent, i will work hard, study hard and expertise, i trust the company placed high expectations.

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  在校期间主要学习电工原理、电子技术、电机学、自动控制原理、 cad制图、plc与电气控制、单片机、机械制造基础等。在计算机方面,我广泛地学习计算机软、硬件方面的知识,能熟练地运用 windows98/20xx、 office20xx、vf等软件,同时对internet有一定的了解,能够有效地利用互联网资源。





Dear leader:


  I am a zhuzhou professional technology college graduates. Thank you for taking the time and reading my this cover letter, give me a self-introduction opportunities.

  The university three years turn namely, hopefully I walked into social this more largeness of classroom. The modern world is full of challenge and competition, also full of opportunities. I hope to get a chance to buy from your company, a stage, I used to serve you, to serve the society.

  During the university, in the strict study attitude in learning I pay attention to practical ability, the professional knowledge and in combination with practice, actively take part in all kinds of social activities, learn me to practice, and continuously enhance their ability to work for the future carry out all work and lay a solid foundation.

  During the period of school mainly studies the electrician principle, electronic technology, motor learning, automatic control principle, cad drawing, PLC and electrical control, a single chip microcomputer, mechanical manufacturing base, etc. In computer aspect, I widely learning computer software and hardware knowledge, can skilled use Windows 98/20xx, office20xx, vf software such as Internet, at the same time to have certain knowledge, to effectively use the Internet resources.

  Bosom self-confident I recommend yourself, if you're lucky enough to become a member of your company, I would like to start from things, modest, responsible, diligence work in practice continuously study, play to one's own initiative and creativity, try for the company's development and added a brilliance.

  Finally, thank you again for reading this letter, enclosing personal resume, looking forward to your early reply. Wish your unit prosperously.



英文求职信 篇6

  dear sir,

  on my graduation from college this fall, i am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, i thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.

  i am strong and healthy, and shall be twenty years of age in september next year. at present i am a student in the college of xx but i shall graduate from the college this coming july, finishing the requirements in three years, i have had no business experience, but my college record has been good. a copy of my antecedents is enclosed for your reference.

  dr. a.tang, president of the college of xx will be glad to tell you more about my character and ability, i shall be glad to call at any time for an interview.

  best regards

  yours faithfully


英文求职信 篇7

  respect for the leadership of the unit:


  i sincerely thank you, in the busy taking the time to read my cover letter.

  i am a civil engineering hohai university, nanjing institute of engineering mechanics graduate professional XX session will be graduating in june XX and would like to become south africa institute of survey and design one, would like to recommend their own.

  four years in undergraduate and graduate students sent a three-year period, the spirit of "hard work and plain living, seek truth from facts and strict requirements, the courage to explore the" motto of the strict demands on themselves, study hard, work conscientiously, outstanding performance, year after year scholarship, and actively participate in social practice. systematic study of a wide range of expertise to engage in a lot of books, continually expand the knowledge and social experience and actively participate in production and research.

  my computer and a good standard of english. computer through the computer two countries can be skilled to use vb, vc, fortran programming language, and the preparation of students and their many practical procedures; can skilled use of autocad, ansys, flac, abaqus and other specialized software. english through the college english test 4, the reading proficiency can be compared to industry data.

  while studying at the school learning and life, so i know how to truth-seeking, innovation, unity, and is a career ahead of the first prerequisite. if fortunate enough to become a member of your organization, i will work diligently, get down to work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative and creativity to make every effort for the development.

  again, thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your early reply, thank you!

  business units祝贵thriving achievements!














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